Alpha Clones

Welcome, Alpha Clone players of Brave!

So, you don't have a current subscription to EVE, but you still want to fly with Brave? Not a problem - we are open to players of all skill levels and abilities, including those in the free-to-play alpha clone state. See below for a full list of the services we can offer you.

Although Alpha Clones have some restrictions in-game, you still have a wide range of gameplay options open to you. As an alpha clone, you can fly:

  • Tech 1 small ships (frigates/destroyers). Frigates are small, fast, and will be the first ships you upgrade into. Destroyers are a bit larger/slower/tankier than frigates and have significant damage potential for their size.
  • Tech 1 medium ships (cruisers/battlecruisers). Cruisers are ships balanced between speed, tank, and firepower, are most player's stepping stones up from frigates. Battlecruisers are basically to cruisers what destroyers are to frigates.
  • Tech 1 large ships (battleships). Battleships are mainstays of any significantly sized fleet and are used for a number of purposes besides PvP due to their large tank and firepower.
  • Faction sub-caps (frigates-battleships). Before the Arms Race expansion, Alpha clones could only train into ships of their chosen race. Now since that restriction is gone, Alpha clones also gained access to faction ships, powerful (and expensive) ships that often require two different racial skills to operate (for example, the Sisters of Eve faction ships require both Gallente and Amarr ship training to operate).

As an Alpha Clone, the only real limits are the following:

  • You can only train a limited subset of skills up to a limit of 5 million skill points. (You can train more using injectors or upgrading to Omega state. Any skills trained using these methods that fall under the Alpha skill set will be preserved even if you are above the 5 million skill point limit.)
  • You cannot fly capital ships or Tech 2/Tech 3 ships;
  • You cannot login more than a single account simultaneously (at least from the same location, anyway);
  • Your skills train more slowly and you pay higher transaction taxes.

This means that you can participate in pretty much all activities, including fleet fights, that make Brave fun!

Within Brave (as with all large alliances) we have a selection of defined ships and fittings that we use regularly in fleet combat. These "doctrine fits" usually require advanced skills, but we have prepared Alpha Clone variations of each that you can use on any fleet requiring these ships.

Find our Alpha Clone doctrines here - look for the <span safety>ALPHA</span> tag to find those ships that include an Alpha Clone fit.

Aside from those doctrine fits, you are free to fly whatever you want - our Standing Fleet has no restrictions on what to fly, as long as you get out there and fight alongside your corp mates and die bravely.

Alpha Clone Ratting

See our Alpha Ratting fits if you want to rat.

We have prepared 30-day and longer skill plan recommendations that you can use to fill your skill queue.

As a Brave member, you can also make full use of all of the programs operated by The Brave Dojo, our Education Department, regardless of your clone state. These include:

What are you waiting for? Head over to the How To Join page and follow the instructions there - we'll see you in space!

Are you considering returning to EVE Online, having let your account lapse in the past? Brave welcomes you back with open arms!

Depending on how long ago you left the game, you will probably find that your character is:

  • No longer in Brave (we had an inactives purge in 2015);
  • Stuck out in a station or region that we long ago abandoned.

What you do now depends a lot on how much assets you have with you. If you don't have much, we recommend that you apply to rejoin Brave, liquidate any assets you can, and then remotely set your home station to our new home in GE-8JV. However, if you have larger assets to move or dispose of, you have the following options:

Either way, come talk to us in the "Brave Newbies" chat channel in-game.