Public Hauling Contracts

Below is a very simple guide designed to walk you through each step of creating a hisec courier contract to ship your items. Most people use these types of contracts to ship to and from trade hubs, but you can make contracts to anywhere you please.

Note that these instructions are for shipping from one hisec to another hisec station ONLY. If you try shipping to lowsec you should be prepared to offer a significantly greater reward or even to not have your contract accepted at all.

  1. Join the "Haulers Channel" mailing list by opening up your mail tab then clicking at the bottom where it says "Add Mailing List". Type in "Haulers Channel" without the quotes and then hit enter.

  2. Figure out what you want to transport and where. Then figure out how many jumps (hisec jumps) it is to where you want to go. You want your contracts to be going from hisec station to hisec station. To figure this out, you can use Dotlan or you can sit in the starting system, set your destination to the ending system then select "Prefer Safer". Multiply the number of jumps by 1M and that is your reward, i.e. 14 jumps is a 14M reward. If you pay more, your contracts will get done faster. If I wanted a 14 jump contract done fast, I might pay 20M, for example.

  3. Next is to figure out how much the assets you are transporting are worth so that you can have an appropriate amount of collateral, or insurance, on your order. Open your inventory and click the little icon in the upper right that says "list". Then, copy (CTRL+C) the items you want in your contract. Go to - then paste that order into the box. It will automatically calculate how much your items cost. Your collateral is going to be 110% the amount of the SELL order.

    1. Here is a link with an example of cargo you might send and how to obtain the proper collateral for that cargo.
    2. You can see that the SELL amount of this order is valued at 22.65 million. So I will make my contract collateral for this order 22.65 * 1.2 = 24,915,000 ISK

NOTE: As blueprints do not appear on market, evepraisal does not give them a value. In the example above, you would have to evaluate the Corax BP yourself, by right clicking it in-game and selecting "Find in Contracts" to see what they are selling for. Then apply the 20% markup and add this on to your initial calculation.

  1. Select all the items you want in your contract and then Right Click→Create Contract.

    1. Contract Type should be "Courier". Availability should be "Public"
    2. Click NEXT.
    3. Make sure all the items you want are selected, click NEXT again.
    4. In the "Ship To" field, enter your destination system and select your desired station.
    5. Enter the proper reward amount as you calculated earlier.
    6. Enter the collateral amount as you calculated earlier.
    7. Set expiration = 3 days. Days to complete = 1 day
    8. Leave description empty. Click next.

  2. Review the details, make sure everything is correct and you didn't flub on entering too many or not enough zeroes, then hit submit.

  3. A window will pop up with your contract order. Now go to your "Mail" window and right click the "Haulers Channel" mailing list. Click "Send mail to mailing list"

  4. The subject should be your start system to your end system. AKA "Jita » Amarr"

  5. Drag the scroll-looking symbol from the contract window to the body text portion of the mail.
    The text should look similar to this:
      Jita >> Ichoriya (46123 m³)
  6. Hit send and BAM! You just pinged a bunch of haulers to let them know your contract is open.
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