The Brave Dojo - Class/Q&A Recordings

Date Teacher Class
20.01.2015 Blue Ice T3 Off-grid Boosting (Mechanic Removed from Eve)
02.02.2015 LSky NLX Importing 101
05.04.2015 Posix Compliant Station Trading
24.04.2015 Dysheki Station Trading 101
06.04.2015 Clay Robertson Stealth Bombers 101
27.04.2015 Tiberius StarGazer Making ISK Through Exploration 101
27.04.2015 Raknor Vile DOJO FC Q And A
29.05.2015 Adam Algaert Moon Siphoning Class *defunct class*
30.06.2015 Cordelia Clopton Recon 101: Soundcloud MP3 / Slides
23.07.2015 Patrick Tyrannis Market Trading:
09.08.2015 Dave Korhal 20Mil to 1Bil: Making ISK in LowSec
21.08.2015 LSky NLX Advanced Station Trading
31.01.2016 Clay Robertson How to FC Stealth Bombers Screenshots
07.05.2016 Ralend Oskold Introduction to Planetary Interaction
18.06.2016 Katalya Myst Introduction to Industry (building stuff)
20.06.2016 Jonathan Ajani Importing 101 Class
28.06.2016 Jonathan Ajani Tackle Class
03.01.2017 Katalya Myst EWAR 101: Soundcloud Video
04.01.2017 Rose Darksun Intro to Exploration: Soundcloud , Video
13.03.2017 LSky NLX Zansha Expansion History and Advanced Industry: Soundcloud
02.04.2017 Canon DeFodder Scouting: Soundcloud
24.04.2017 Rurounitoto Solette Market and Importing 101: Soundcloud
27.04.2017 Katalya Myst Interdiction 101
27.04.2017 Bungo Brown PSC Ceptor Class
20.05.2017 Jin'taan Fleet Command
31.05.2017 Jonathan Ajani Brave Dojo hunting in wormholes
06.07.2017 Algazel Algazel's Trading Masterclass
15.07.2017 Suleiman Shouaa Small Gang and Tournament
29.08.2017 Wang Cavin-Guang Importing and Manufacturing Class ( useful links)
10.09.2017 Cdiddy Orti Exploration
10.09.2017 Algazel Wormhole Basics
18.12.2017 Card Bross Newbro's Guide to Fleet Ops
21.12.2017 Wang Calvin-Guang T1/T2 Manufacturing and Importing/Market
21.12.2017 Yuri Penshar Scouting 101
26.12.2017 Chekman T2 Industry
28.12.2017 Card Bross Intro to Logistics: Strat Op Logi
4.1.2018 Jinx De'Caire Making isk in null: Moon mining Link fixed!
18.1.2018 Gravan Heg Industry I
18.1.2018 Gravan Heg Markets I
26.1.2018 Yondu Quill VNI Ratting Class
28.1.2018 Jinx De'caire Intro to Nullsec
03.02.2018 Bisness Pirates et. al Intro to Brave FC class and getting involved
07.02.2018 Card Bross Logistics Anchoring and You
10.02.2018 Sun-Li Sakamoto Intro to Gas Huffing and why your mother told you not to
13.02.2018 Aernir Ridley FC my rorq is tackled what do? Video
18.02.2018 Mathew Schwartz Advanced Ratting - DED Sites
21.2.2018 Jinx De'Caire Intro to Nullsec (same as 28.1.2018)
23.2.2018 Yeuxverts Belle Fitting 101
24.2.2018 CJ Mansfield Intro to Caps
09.3.2018 Kirk Ernaga First Fleet Basics - Tackle and Ewar Focus
10.3.2018 Harold Magnussen Intro to Nullsec - Basics of PVP and a Gatecamp!
17.3.2018 Gravan Heg Planetary Interaction I
25.3.2018 Jinx De'Caire Intro to Nullsec (short) and Getting Involved
12.4.2018 Stath Vaille FC Class
16.4.2018 Ishido Kindesai Exploration Techniques for ISK
07.5.2018 Jinx De'caire Intro to Fleet 101
9.5.2018 Vaur Infara Entosis 101
15.5.2018 CptHector Moon Mining 101
16.5.2018 Jinx De'Caire Intro to Nullsec Deployment edition video
19.5.2018 John LaCroix VNE Ratting Guide during Deployment
24.5.2018 Jinx De'Caire EWAR 101 video
24.5.2018 Jinx De'Caire Isk Making: WH Ninja Huffing
Spring? Vargrin Tackle and Scouting
5.6.2018 Jinx De'Caire Intro to Logi and Cap Chain Practice
10.6.2018 Ariadne Invictus Fitting interceptors and avoiding gate camps
7.6.2018 Bobby Booche Abyssal Tier 1 - 3 Q and A
19.6.2018 Spyritdragon Jumpclones intro
23.6.2018 Liana Drake Roquals 101
25.06.2018 Jinx De'Caire Fleet Basics 101 and Coalition Staging
01.07.2018 Djavak Andrard Proper Intel and Comms Etiquette
12.07.2018 Clay Robertson Black Ops Hunting
09.08.2018 Jinx Intro to nullsec
14.08.2018 Jinx De'Caire Intro to Armada and sov
Date Teacher Topic
2016-01-13Ahoda Amatin, Frek AvichkLogi
2016-01-14Ahoda Amatin, Hadrian BridgemanNull Sec
2016-01-16n0rmanLogistics, Hauling
2016-01-16Charlie DimaggioMarkets/Trading
2018.5.12 Yukiko Kami Brave CEO Chat about History

Master Class Monday was an irregular series of guest talks by EVE Online personalities from outside Brave/HERO.

Date Streaming Download Teacher Topic
11.11.2014 - Download Bcpror9981 Caps, Phoebe and Blops
22.09.2014 Soundcloud Download Ealon Musque Capital construction
11.08.2014 - Download Chribba A talk about being, well, Chribba
28.07.2014 Download Mister Vee (CFC) A talk about FCing (some videos)
21.07.2014 - Download Reagalan(CFC) Fitting and doctrines
06.07.2014 Youtube Download Bcpror9981 Covops, Blops, And everything Cloaky.
06.07.2014 - Download NickFuzzeh (Pandemic Legion)
23.06.2014 Download Sindel Pellion The Angel Project
16.06.2014 - Download Rixx Javix
09.06.2014 Download Elise Randolph (Pandemic Legion FC, CSM6+7, tournament commentator) FC'ing
03.06.2014 Download Psychotic Monk Scamming, awoxing, and dirty deeds - how to do them and how to avoid them.
02.06.2014 Download Tubrug1 (writer and commentator for the TMC).Brief history of Eve Online and null-sec politics since 2011.
26.05.2014 - Corbexx (CSM-9) Wormholes.
19.05.2014 No recording Rooks and Kings Starting the Battle of Asakai, and indirectly, Founding Brave.
12.05.2014 Download The Mittani (Leader of the Goonswarm Federation and Master of the CFC) The Meta-Game.
13.08.2016 Slides Vily (Main FC Test - Please Ignore Alliance) Alpha Fleet (Maelstroms done right)
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