Standing Fleet

Whenever you are online and doing things around our staging systems (mining, ratting, gate camps) you should join the standing fleet to have company and potential help.

First, communication. Intel channels are great for intel, but being in fleet chat goes a long way to knowing whats going on. Also, comms are a godsend for communication. Please install Mumble, even if it's just to listen in to the Standing Fleet.

X's in fleet are used when you have tackle on someone. That means you have used either a Warp Disruptor or a Warp Scrambler on the enemy. Calling out what exactly you have tackled is very important.

W's in fleet are used when you are tackled yourself but *do not* have tackle on them. That's very important info, please use it. Again, calling out what has engaged you is very important.

R's are useful when you have NPC rats on you that you cannot kill (if you are in a Procurer, use your drones to kill them yourself).

$'s in fleet is signals for newbros to come warp in and salvage the ratting wrecks on your site. Salvaging is good money for newbros, so after you have cleared a site, before you warp off, take time to enter these into fleet chat. Newbros will very much appreciate it.

Mine together. Get in standing and find out where in the system everyone is mining. You will get boosts there, you will get defense there. 1 Procurer or Venture by itself in a belt is going to be picked off pretty fast. 5 procs with 50 support ventures, well, thats a tough nut to crack ;)

Ratting in with the same fleet as the standing fleet is the safest place to do it. Having a tough ship means you can perhaps get help in time before they kill your VNI. There are plenty of newbro frigates now that can apply Ewar to save you.

If everyone understands the above, then PVP can get more organized and useful. Calling what you XXX, what you WWW, goes a long way towards getting a better response. Newbros, if you want fighting experience, then Standing Fleet is a great way to do it. If we're in GE-8JV for the day, lock down those gates, and call out enemies that enter and leave the system. Tackle. Ewar. Holy hell, you make a huge difference in a fight. Don't ever feel you don't. Don't have any ships? Ask Dojo or in standing comms. Someone is always willing to help.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how Standing works and helps you survive long enough to learn.


Helping you is why Brave exists. But until you say something, we may not know you need it. See you in fleet!

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