Basic Ore Mining with a Venture in Brave Space

This guide does not teach you the mechanics of mining in Eve or how to become a space billionaire. Rather this guide is intended to teach you how to spend time mining out in Brave space without getting constantly blown up.
This guide will also not go over fits because the point is to focus on decision making and not simply blaming your ship for everything.

Venture mining on moons is an excellent way for a newbie or an alpha to make isk.

Using these three basic rules you will dramatically increase your survival rate while mining out in Brave space. It is important that you stick to them and not bend the rules or treat them as mere advice because if you do you will pay the price of a destroyed ship when you could have survived.

Forget about your experiences in high sec mining. The days of grabbing a hot cocoa and a warm blanket to watch Netflix and come back to hangars full of ore are over. You are in null sec now, don't forget it.
Do not even alt tab for 30 seconds to check something while actively mining. The time you need to escape is too small a margin to afford it. Dock up or tether to a citadel if you need to take your eyes off the game.

It doesn't matter if you are in an asteroid belt or a mining anomaly, the most dangerous place you can park your ship is on or immediately near the warp in point. A lot of people will select their target ore type and then approach the closest one. This is the opposite of what you want to do. You want to go to the furthest asteroid as possible. Remember your bookmarks; you only need to make the trip once, when you come back you can just warp to the desired point you were at.

Once you are mining the asteroid of your choice it is time to position your ship so it can warp out faster. From your overview you can right click or use the radial menu to select align to to your citadel of choice. Your ship will begin to approach the citadel and once your are lined up stop your ship. If you are using mining drones the closer you are to the asteroid the better to increase actual yield. Otherwise stop the ship in a desirable spot withing your mining lasers' range. Do not align to a station, it is unnecessary risk to take as it can be bubbled or camped out by ships that can quickly destroy you.

What to do when bad guys come on field

Don't panic. It is just going to muddle your train of thought and make your reaction time slower. The first thing you do is activate the command to warp or dock to the citadel you are currently aligned to. The second thing you do is recall your drones if you have any. The third thing you do is hit stop on your mining lasers as you will collect ore for that much of a cycle if you manually tell them to stop. If you are not too worried but still want to warp out you can recall your drones as the first thing instead to make sure they don't get left behind. However against certain enemy ships this might be the difference that gets you killed, so think of your drones as expendable.

Do not forget your venture has a +2 bonus to warp core strength. If you get tackled warp out anyway, they need to put 3 points of warp scramble strength on you to stop you from warping.

Conventional wisdom is to dock up when there are hostiles in system. But if you followed that while in Brave space you would get little to no mining done at all. The reality is knowing when to undock is a judgement call that you can only get better at with first hand experience. There are enemies that would light a cyno and drop capitals to kill just a mere venture but there are also enemies who would bring a 100 man fleet into system and not lay a finger on you. Get to know your enemies and what they fly because at the end of the day they are the ones trying to kill you, not some hypothetical fitted ship or gang.

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