Reading Pings

When it comes to pings for our fleets there are 2 main varieties. You have:

  1. Standard Pings, made by ping tool
  2. Manually written Pings

This is the standard format, usually employed by our FCs when time permits.

An example format would be:

Fleet Name: Boom Boom
FC: Shattered
Mumble, Channel: B2 Bravo
Ship Types: MOTD tbd
Location: DO6
Duration: 60m
SRP Type: Standard
Why: Baddies forming for a friendly structure, let's ship up and get ready, folks!

From this you can infer that you should search for a Fleet by the name Boom Boom to join.
The Fleet boss will be an FC named Shattered and that's the way to confirm you're in the right fleet.

There are two Mumble servers at this time:

  • B2 Mumble ( Coalition Mumble )
  • Brave Mumble

The guide to set up comms can be found here

Pings will usually contain at least Voice comms designation

When you see Brave followed by something like Alpha, or Barvo in a ping, that means you need to join our mumble server and the appropriate channel mentioned.

If you however see a ping that contains B2 followed by Alpha or Barvo or Delta, that means you should join coalition Mumble and channel specified.

Ship Types

This refers to ships FC needs in his fleet. If it isn't a black ops fleet you can always bring tackle or EWAR.
If you see MOTD written there, it means that ship types will be listed in Fleets welcoming message. Message Of The Day.
If you see TBD it means it hasn't been determined yet, and you should join fleet and await further instructions.


This usually refers to the place where fleet is forming up. The starting point if you will.
Ask in comms should you burn to them or will they be swinging by your current location, so you can join up

The rest of the ping is basically just saying what type of SRP you will get in case you lose the ship.
And the reason for creation of the fleet.

These can come in all shapes and sizes, unfortunately, sometimes people are busy in real world to properly write a ping, or perhaps multiboxing 5 different characters and 4 different comms to organize a flashform.
who knows what's going on.
But patience is the key. And with some experience you'll be reading them as easily as you read Toaster Instructions.

Some examples of these are:

Stratop up under Graf von Ortho B2 Barvo

Translation: StratOp fleet is up, find a fleet made by FC Graf von Ortho and join Coalition Mumble (B2) channel Barvo

FEROX under Alha'zred! B2 BRAVO.
Standard SRP.
Zigam coming to fight.

Translation: fleet is up, find a fleet made by FC Alha'zred and join Coalition Mumble (B2) channel BRAVO, the Ferox, Logi and Links reffers to ships FC needs.

quick combat fleet up under me, Caracals in C4C - some baddies to kill (BRAVE Bravo Main)

Translation: fleet is up, find a fleet made by FC that wrote the ping, and join Brave Mumble (BRAVE) channel Bravo Main

Home Defence Fleet going up under me, B2 Bravo!

Translation: fleet is up, find a fleet made by FC that wrote the ping, and join Coalition Mumble (B2) channel Bravo, Home Defence(HD)Fleets are usually combat fleets deployed to engage hostiles within our space.

Rapid Response Fleet on me, B2 Bravo. Friends tackled!!

Translation: fleet is up, find a fleet made by FC that wrote the ping, and join Coalition Mumble (B2) channel Bravo, Friends tackled usually means some form of a Capital ship is in danger and we are trying to rescue it.

RELAY: HD fleet under Arkadios Sol, B2 Delta 

Translation: fleet is up from a Coalition FC, find a fleet made by FC Arkadios Sol, and join Coalition Mumble (B2) channel Delta, sometimes fleet pings are posted on our B2 Discord and will be relayed to slack accordingly. (Hence, RELAY:)

hostile caps tackled B2 alpha!

Translation: fleet is up, but you need to join Coalition Mumble (B2) channel Alpha and ask there for fleet name. Unfortunately, in these instances time is short and writing a long ping can be difficult.

Stay Frosty for the next hour everyone

Translation: it basically boils down to staying alert and prepared to join possible fleets or ops.

These are just some of the examples that can occur, and knowing how to recognize them, and take out the key information is paramount.

Happy hunting, and fly safe!

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