Buyback Programs

This page details all buyback programs and other services (ore supply, blueprints, etc.) currently operated within the Brave Collective alliance.

Buyback programs are services that "buy back" any excess/unwanted stuff you have acquired during your day-to-day EVE activities. They are run by individuals or corporations, not the Brave alliance itself. These people or corporations will buy certain items that you acquire through mining, PI, exploration, ratting, and other activities, saving you the hassle of selling stuff yourself or exporting it to high-sec. Buyback programs are generally based on "Jita buy" prices - i.e. the current price that players are buying that item for in Jita.

While some programs will ask you to contract items to them for a set price using a tool like, others may operate by asking you to contract your items to them for 0 ISK; they will then pay you back at a later time.

Buybacks can buy items at a custom price (for example 1.337 ISK), a price bound to Jita (for example 80% Jita Buy) or at a base price (for example 80% Jita Buy) that can vary for single (oversupplied) items.

For more information about the listed buybacks click the buyback name.

Brave POS Boys
Fuel Blocks GE-8JV
100% Jita Sell payout

For more information about the listed buybacks click the buyback name.

Alvatis Innovations
Nearly all items Brave Structures in Brave space
95% Jita Buy base payout
The Buyback
Nearly all items Brave Structures in Catch/Impass
90% Jita Buy payout
J's Salvage and Exploration Loot Buyback
Salvage Exploration loot GE-8JV PZMA-E
100% Jita Buy payout
Jolly Eginald's Overseer's Buyback
Overseer's Personal Effects Brave Structures
87-94% NPC buy price
Jinx's Wormhole Buyback
Wormhole Stuff GE-8JV
100% Jita Buy payout

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