The Free Blueprint (BPC) Programme

The financial analyst of the Brave Collective, Algenon Buttercup, has determined that the alliance would benefit from a freely available collection of BPCs to encourage burgeoning industrialist and seed the market. The days of being trickled upon by elitist industrialists is over, rejoice!

This program has some basic rules you have to follow:

  • The program is only available to the alliance.
  • Limited to 10 BPCs per request.
  • Requests for multiple of the same BPC is at the discretion of the BPC manager.
  • Only the BPCs on the list can be requested.
  • Please only have one request active at a time
    This is per person NOT per character
  • Capital hull BPCs are provided at one per month per person due to scarcity (and because if you need them, you're generally wealthy enough to be able to get them from contracts)
  • The program operates only from "K7D - Exploration Analysis"
  1. Go to this link and choose what you would like HERE
  2. Because the code cannot cater for the number of BPCs we have, this BPC Programme Inventory sheet shows what we have in stock, and is updated weekly (ish).
  3. BPCs will be contracted to you in "K7D - Exploration Analysis" within 48 hours or so.

BPCs generally come fully researched with max runs, varying from just 10 runs for battleship hulls to hundreds or even thousands for ammunition and components. We do have many BPCs that are not max researched that can still be useful for invention. Please see the full list below to see exactly what research levels/runs we have and how many are in stock.

Full BPC List

You ask for too many copies of a single item at once. We try to ration our stock so that we can provide at least something to anyone who submits a request.

If you would like to make donations to the BPC program, please submit contracts to Brave Industries corporation.

If you would like to join the BPC program, this is what you will need:

  • An alt available to join Brave Industries.
  • Science Skills (Advanced Industry/Research/Metallurgy at least to IV; Advanced Laboratory Operations; Contracting helps as well)

As stated above, contact Rael Armansky for more information.

Other Blueprint Services

Program Locations Notes
Al's BPCs
Contact Al Heamer for pricing.
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