The Free BPC Program

The financial analyst of the Brave Collective, Algenon Buttercup, has determined that the alliance would benefit from a freely available collection of BPCs to encourage burgeoning industrialist and seed the market. The days of being trickled upon by elitist industrialists is over, rejoice!

This program has some basic rules you have to follow:

  • The program is only available to the alliance.
  • Limited to 10 BPCs per request.
  • Requests for multiple of the same BPC is at the discretion of the BPC manager.
  • Only the BPCs on the list can be requested.
  • Please only have one request active at a time
  • The program operates only from Dunk's Laboratory
  1. Go to this link and fill out the form HERE
  2. BPCs will be contracted to you in Dunk's Laboratory within 48 hours or so.

BPCs generally come fully researched with max runs, varying from just 10 runs for battleship hulls to hundreds or even thousands for ammunition and components.

Full BPC List


You ask for a BPC that's not on the list (see below) or is currently out of stock.


You ask for all of the BPCs at once

Other Blueprint Services

Program Locations Notes
Triumvirate's Free T1 BPCs
If the creation of the copy requires materials appropriate compensation is expected
Al's BPCs
Contact Al Heamer for pricing.
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