Production and Processing Services

This page encompasses several different kinds of programs to do with production.

This is a common method of ordering capitals and supercapitals. It involves the client putting in a request for a specific ship or module to be produced, which is then sold to the client on completion. Sometimes this is paid for upfront, and other times it is paid for on completion.

From-Stock Production is simply the continuous building of certain items (usually ships like capitals) which are then stockpiled and can be ordered.

These programs involve the Copying of Blueprint Originals (BPOs) into Blueprint Copies (BPCs), which are then sold to people who can't afford to or can't practically keep a stock of BPOs themselves. These orders can be On-Demand or From-Stock.

These programs are usually run by people with extremely high reprocessing skills and implants, who will reprocess ore for clients at their increased rate for a small fee or cut of the resulting minerals. This usually involves you contracting your ore over to a character and them contracting or delivering the resulting minerals back to you minus the fee or cut.

If you operate a program and would like to have it listed here, see How to make a service page and tell us in the #wiki-updates channel on Slack.

Yondu Quill Production
Caps,T2,Citadels K7D-II
Individual prices.
Valor Shipyards
Freighters/Jump Freighters K7D-II/H-4R6Z
Individual prices. Delivery is also available.
Brave Empire Logistics
Mining Equipment Service Paused
Individual Prices
All capital hulls Imperium Space
Individual Prices
Fury-an-Al Productions
Capitals T2 Ships F-NMX6 C4C-Z4 DO6H-Q
Individual Prices
Dreadnoughts DO6H-Q
Individual prices
Al's Blueprint Collection
Various H-4R6Z
Individual prices
Al Heamer's Reprocessing Service
Everything Gas Decompression Brave Structures
2% Cut
Brave Empire Logistics
Everything Nikh
Reprocessing Tax

These lists are rotated every month. Last rotation was March 1st, 2022 by Aernir Ridley.

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