How to survive the undock?

How to dock at the station without the instalocker killing me?

When warping to a station, depending on its docking radius, your direction and luck, you might end outside of its docking range and need to burn a few meters to be able to dock up. To prevent this, we have corporation bookmarks which will guarantee that you will land inside the docking range. Make sure you don't have an active Weapons Timer (60 seconds) as this prevents you from docking.

1) Right click in space and select: "Corporation Locations", "HQ - Core Complexion Inc.", "Insta-Dock" and "Warp To Location Within 0 m".
2) Spam (repeatedly click) the docking button.
3) For the paranoid: You can set the station as your destination and activate the autopilot mid-warp. This will automatically dock you on land.

You are interested in whats going on on the undock, but don't want to lose your ship?

There are two timers involved when undocking from a station:

  • The Session Change Timer prevents you from re-docking for 10 seconds
  • The Invulnerability Timer protects your ship for 30 seconds (unless you break it by e.g. activitating a module, moving, etc)

The trick is to undock, stop your ship preventing you from drifting out of docking range (stopping the ship does not break invulnerability), wait out the 10 seconds, but re-dock before the 30 seconds elapsed. There is still a risk that somebody bumps you out of docking range in that time frame, but that rarely happens in our system.

1) Click Undock.
2) Wait for the grid to load.
3) Hit CTRL+SPACE (this stops your ship).
4) Take your time, look around, make a dscan and adore the beautiful galaxy.
5) Ensure that 10 seconds passed, but not more than 30 seconds.
6) Dock up.

How to leave station without the instalocker killing me?

To get into warp, your ship needs to be accelerated to 75% of its max speed and point to the direction you want to go. Luckily undocking from a station accelerates your ship massively and there are corporation bookmarks available which should be in direct line of your direction.

1) Click Undock.
2) Wait for the grid to load.
3) Do not click anything, don't activate modules, don't target anything.
4) Right click in space and select: "Corporation Locations", "HQ - Undocks", chose a random bookmark, "Warp to Location" and chose a random distance.
5) You should instantly warp now.

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