Welcome to Eve Skill Book Package

It is a set of Skill Books you can inject right away. It is aimed at new players who only recently started the game.

The Package contains the following books:

  • Acceleration Control
  • Amarr Frigate
  • Caldari Frigate
  • Drone Durability
  • Drone Navigation
  • Gallente Frigate
  • Infomorph Psychology
  • Jury Rigging
  • Light Drone Operation
  • Light Missiles
  • Long Distance Jamming
  • Mining Upgrades
  • Minmatar Destroyer
  • Minmatar Frigate
  • Missile Bombardment
  • Missile Projection
  • Rapid Launch
  • Rockets
  • Sensor Linking
  • Small Energy Turret
  • Small Hybrid Turret
  • Small Projectile Turret
  • Surgical Strike
  • Target Navigation Prediction
  • Target Painting
  • Weapon Disruption

It also contains an Amarr Shuttle, that you can use to travel through nullsec with relative ease and security.

If you have any of these skills already injected/trained, you can make a contract back to "The Brave Dojo" with those Skill Books so that we can give them to someone else.

To get the package, get on Mumble and ask someone with a Dojo Tag (Dojo Sensei, Dojo Director) for one.

If none of them are around, you can request one using this form and we'll contract one to you! Please accept the contract as quick as possible as there are only a limited number of contract slots.

Welcome Packages will be contracted to you in K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose.

NB: DO NOT REQUEST A WELCOME PACKAGE IF YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR MORE THAN A FEW DAYS. Most of the skills in the package are pretty basic, and anyone with a couple of weeks or more playtime should have already injected them.

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