The Brave Dojo

The Brave Dojo is an alliance-level initiative managed by Brave Education whose mission is to help players who are new to EVE Online. If you are a new player, you should read this guide.

The Dojo Wiki is the main source of information on game mechanics, activities in the game and contains articles, guides and recordings and syllabi of classes. All members of the Brave Collective can contribute to it.

The Dojo offers several programs to help players get a foothold in the game. Keep in mind that these programs are funded by the charity of other players. Stay classy and only request what you want to use yourself.

  • Classes are pinged in the #pings-dojo channel on slack, as well as any delays or updates.
  • Recordings of many classes can be found here.
  • Video Recordings of many classes can be found here.
  • You can find basic Skillplans for useful ships here.
  • We also provide fits to help you survive and make money in EVE.

You have to be a member of the Brave Collective to join the Brave Dojo.

  • To support our programs, please contact us.
  • To contribute to the wiki, please contact us.
  • To schedule a class you can reach out to a Dojo Team Member for assistance in Slack or Ping it using the Brave Pings page.

Please join the in-game chat channel Brave Dojo if you have questions about EVE Online. You need to be in the Brave Collective or have permission from a channel operator to chat in this channel. Click here to learn how you can join the Brave Collective.

You can also find us in our voice chat channel (Brave Collective » General » Dojo - Ask Questions Here) on our Mumble server. Click here to set up our IT services.

Jana Halley, Jinx De'Caire Director, Brave Education
Katalya Myst Fittings, Wiki
Max Dawntreader Brave Empire Director
Max Dawntreader, Okko Tolea Skillbooks, Implants, Welcome Packages
Adrian Atruin Planetary Interaction handouts
Theodin Lynx Logistics