FC, How do I Logi Anchor?

TL;DR: Volunteer for the job and keep your fleet between your logi group and the enemy fleet.

The actual job of the logi anchor is a bit more complex, but the above is the most basic description of what it takes to be a Logi anchor.

In the ideal eve world, every logi pilot is able to watch the broadcast list, apply reps, manually position their ships and relay information about how the fleet is tanking to the FC. Realistically, that is not feasible.

This is where the logi anchor comes in. They take over the jobs of positioning the fleet, and talking to the FC.

Can you fly a logi ship (Ideally T2 logi)?
Do you have a headset and a pulse?
Do you want to be the captain now?

If you answered yes, then congratulations! You have what it takes to be a logi Anchor

Now comes the hard part. Becoming a good Logi Anchor isn't something that can be taught from a wiki page. You will need to get actual combat experience. However, I will show some of the basics skills needed to logi anchor.

Before the Fleet

As logi anchor, it falls to you to organize the logi watchlist and capchain channels. Your watchlist priority should be as follows:

  1. Anchors (DPS anchors and you, the logi anchor) must be on every logi watchlist
  2. Cap Chain Buddies - If Basilisks or Ospreys are called, every logi pilot should have their capchain buddies watchlisted.
  3. Special Snowflakes - What qualifies as special snowflakes varies depending on the fleet doctrine, but generally any pilot flying a huggin, heavy interdictor, or boosting ship should be watchlisted, with additional snowflakes at the FC's discretion
  4. T2 Logi - Adding additional T2 logi to watchlist serves two purposes: 1) logi pilots tend to be busy and might not broadcast in a timely way, and 2) if the capchain needs to be adjusted, it's faster to already have your new capchain buddies on watchlist
  5. T1 Logi - After all T2 logi are watchlisted, take care of the T1 guys
  6. Anyone else - If all of the above are watchlisted, and there's still room on the fleet's watchlist, add random DPS pilots to fill your list

In Brave fleets, the capchain channels are generally organized to have all Basilisk pilots in one capchain and all Osprey pilots in a second chain. As logi anchor, it's your call whether to maintain this or to adjust how capchaining is done based on the formup. Capchain channels for use can be found in the Message of the Day for the Logibrave ingame channel. It is critical to ensure that all of the appropriate pilots are in the correct capchain channel, and that no additional pilots are there.

Ask your pilots how much they can rep per cycle and cycle times. Given a newbie fleet may not have all the same composition you should have a rough idea of your aggregate rep in both a burst and per second.

During the Fleet

First, you need to get your priorities straight. Your primary job, as Logi anchor, is to position the logi fleet. You must take care of fleet positioning before you start repping things. It does seem a bit counterintuitive, but I have seen too many fleet dies because the Logi anchor lost track of fleet positions and let the logi fly out of rep range. As for where to position the fleet, the ideal location is to have the DPS fleet between you and the hostile fleet. Doing this will guarantee success most of the time. There will be times where this is not the case, but you'll need to experience them to find out. Just keep in mind that you want the logi fleet as far away from the hostile fleet as you can, but still within rep range of the DPS fleet.

The second most important thing for you to do is talk to the Fc. In order to be effective as an FC, they need to know if the logi reps are able to keep the fleet alive. As the Logi anchor, it is your job to speak up and answer those questions. Once you've positioned the fleet, you should begin locking up broadcasts and watching to see if they die. From there, you can effectively relay information to the FC.

The least most important thing you will need to do as the logi anchor is to rep the fleet. Only do this is you have positioned the fleet out of harm's way.

Don’t assume your fleet has watchlists properly configured. Newbies won’t know how or why, even if you tell them at fleet form up. When snowflakes get targeted call it.

Ask folks to space reps out on activation. Divide cycle times by number of reppers and ask folks to spread the initial burst over the cycle time. This ensures a steadier supply of repping and prevents blowing through hardened layers in bursts. Your opponent DPS will be trying to alpha and cluster damage as closely together as possible, and you should be ensuring you’re always applying reps.

Do these things, practice them, and you will become an excellent logi anchor in no time.

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