Video Tutorials

A curated list of Brave video tutorials, classes, and other EVE tutorials

Level Sensei
Basic Katalya Myst Overview Setup
Basic Katalya Myst Using your Overview
Basic John LaCroix Ratting Safely in your Vexor Newbro
Basic Jinx De'Caire Dojo Venture Handout Short How-to
Basic Jinx De'Caire Dojo Tackle Handout Short How-to
Basic Jinx De'Caire How to use a Jump Bridge and get to Impass
Basic Jinx De'Caire How to take a titan bridge
Basic John LaCroix Intro to Fleet Broadcasts
Basic Max Dawntreader Importing 101
Basic Paul Hipster Malcolmso Ansiblex Jump Gates
Advanced Demoshi Operating an Athanor for Moon Mining
Basic Alexis Finch Ratting Callout Channel Ettiquete
Date Teacher Class
2014 Black Bart Pirate Capital Class 8 parts
20.01.2015 Blue Ice T3 Off-grid Boosting (Mechanic Removed from Eve)
05.04.2015 Posix Compliant Station Trading
24.04.2015 Dysheki Station Trading 101
06.04.2015 Clay Robertson Stealth Bombers 101
27.04.2015 Tiberius StarGazer Making ISK Through Exploration 101
29.05.2015 Adam Algaert Moon Siphoning Class *defunct class*
31.01.2016 Clay Robertson How to FC Stealth Bombers Screenshots
07.05.2016 Ralend Oskold Introduction to Planetary Interaction
28.06.2016 Jonathan Ajani Tackle Class
27.04.2017 Katalya Myst Interdiction 101
26.1.2018 Yondu Quill VNI Ratting Class
13.02.2018 Aernir Ridley FC my rorq is tackled what do? Video
2017 Rihan Shazih, Yena Pelana Eveonline Essential Short Videos - Overview, Fleet Anchors, insta-docks and undocks, watchlists, Mumble
07.05.2018 Jinx De'Caire Intro to Fleet Basics 101
16.05.2018 Jinx De'Caire Intro to Nullsec *Deployment edition (deployment now over)
24.05.2018 Jinx De'Caire EWAR 101
05.06.2018 Jinx De'Caire Intro to Logi 101 and Cap Chain Practice
10.06.2018 Ariadne Invictus Fitting Interceptors and avoiding gate camps
13.06.2018 Baller Tom FCing Moas example, Combat Probing, generally baller
25.06.2018 Jinx De'Caire Fleet Basics 101 and Coalition Staging
29.06.2018 Jinx Industry 101
10.07.2018 Jinx Sov and you
09.08.2018 Jinx Intro to nullsec
14.08.2018 Jinx Intro to armada and Sov
19.08.2018 Jinx De'Caire Logistics cap transfer class
20.08.2018 Jinx De'Caire Intro to null and making isk gas huffing edition
21.08.2018 Koffee Break Pathfinder class, exploration tool
21.08.2018 Meha Taredi Dojo free heron exploration ship tutorial
??.08.2018 Koffee Break Industry Roundtable
??.08.2018 Yukiko Kami Intro to Logistics
??.09.2018 Rihan Shazih Wormhole Class
20.09.2018 Paul Hipster Malcolmson Selling Escalations
20.09.2018 Jinx De'Caire Overheating 101