The Brave Dojo - Free Skill Books Program


The BRAVE Dojo offers free skillbooks to new players joining our alliance. Yes, free stuff for Alliance members! Hooray!

Checkout the list of available skillbooks below.

Looking for more advanced books? Try the new Dojo Sensei library.

Anything that is unreasonable will be rejected. And this is a sliding scale, arbitrary and utterly at the discretion of the Skillbook Managers. If they blink at the contract, they’ll reject it. If it looks like you're being a greedy bastard, you'll find that ALL of your contracts will fail. (I feel really shitty that I have to say this stuff. Sorry to the vast majority of you who do it right!)

This program has some basic rules you have to follow:

  • The program is only available to members within the Brave Collective alliance.
  • Each book can only be claimed once, no duplicates. If you have multiple pilots in the alliance, please create a separate contract from each character.
  • Only the books on the list can be requested.
  • Advanced books have specific requirements, check the list for more details.
  • The program operates only from our home station, K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose.
  • Please aim to ask for less than 10 skill books per contract. Larger contracts are very hard to complete without error for our spaceworkers and take up significantly more of their time.

  1. Travel to and dock up in our home station, K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose
  2. Click the neocom in the top left corner (three horizontal lines)
  3. Select Finance, then Contracts
  4. On the Start Page, click Create Contract
  5. Select Item Exchange
  6. Select Private
  7. Fill in The Brave Dojo
  8. Select Next
  9. Ignore Pick Items, select Next
  10. Check Also Request items from buyer
  11. Add the skillbooks
  12. Select Next
  13. Double check contract details
  14. Select Finish

Make sure the location is K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose before creating your contract!


You ask for a skillbook that's not on the list (see below) or is currently out of stock.

Please note that skillbooks that are not NPC-seeded, cost LP (Loyalty Points) as well as ISK (i.e. Abyssal Ore Processing) or are otherwise uncommon may not be available from the Brave Dojo skillbook library. If in doubt, please ask one of our friendly Dojo Sensei.

Wrong Station

You have to issue the contract while being docked in the station at K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose.

Contract errors

If you request a skillbook from the Sensei library, you need to pay the Dojo the stated value of the skillbook, not request that the Dojo pay you. We do try to be generous, but…no.

Advanced skillbooks

Some of the skillbooks on the list below are tagged as Advanced. Those skillbooks have some requirements, which are sometimes higher than what you need to inject them (e.g: Cloaking IV is required for Covert Ops or Bomb Launcher). Please make sure you are in compliance with these requirements before asking any of these books. Upon making a contract including advanced skillbooks you will be contacted by a Skillbook Manager to check that you have the required skills trained.


You ask for all of the weapon specialisation skillbooks, or interceptors, assault frigates, cov-ops etc. (One at a time, guys. Maybe whatever doctrine we’re currently using, or one doctrine at a time.)

You ask for an unreasonable amount of skillbooks at once, you fail to understand that this program is hard and boring to maintain. Keep orders to 10 books or less. "Unreasonable" is an arbitrary and sliding scale fully at the discretion of skillbook managers.

The Dojo Sensei Library has more books available with a donation to the Brave Dojo. Please follow the directions here: The Brave Dojo Sensei Library

Mixing Sensei Library books with basic book requests could delay the basic book order.

You can request all skillbooks listed here, but please understand that we will contact you if you request any books form the advanced list to confirm you have the requirements trained. If you request non-advanced books and need them urgently, please consider making a separate contract for those!

Basic Skillbook
Acceleration Control
Advanced Drone Avionics
Advanced Industry
Advanced Small Ship Construction
Advanced Target Management
Advanced Weapon Upgrades
Amarr Battlecruiser
Amarr Cruiser
Amarr Destroyer
Amarr Encryption Methods
Amarr Frigate
Amarr Hauler
Armor Layering
Armor Rigging
Armored Command
Astrometric Acquisition
Astrometric Pinpointing
Astrometric Rangefinding
Astronautics Rigging
Auto-Targeting Missiles
Broker Relations
Caldari Battlecruiser
Caldari Cruiser
Caldari Destroyer
Caldari Encryption Methods
Caldari Frigate
Caldari Hauler
Capacitor Emission Systems
Capacitor Management
Capacitor Systems Operation
Command Center Upgrades
Controlled Bursts
Corporation Contracting
CPU Management
Criminal Connections
Cruise Missiles
Deep Core Mining
Defender Missiles
Drone Avionics
Drone Durability
Drone Interfacing
Drone Navigation
Drone Sharpshooting
Drones Rigging
Electronic Superiority Rigging
Electronic Warfare
Electronics Upgrades
EM Armor Compensation
EM Shield Compensation
Energy Grid Upgrades
Energy Pulse Weapons
Energy Weapon Rigging
Evasive Maneuvering
Explosive Armor Compensation
Explosive Shield Compensation
Fast Talk
Frequency Modulation
Fuel Conservation
Gallente Battlecruiser
Gallente Cruiser
Gallente Destroyer
Gallente Encryption Methods
Gallente Frigate
Gallente Hauler
Gravimetric Sensor Compensation
Guided Missile Precision
Heavy Assault Missiles
Heavy Drone Operation
Heavy Missiles
High Speed Maneuvering
Hull Upgrades
Hybrid Weapon Rigging
Ice Harvesting
Ice Harvesting Drone Operation
Ice Processing
Infomorph Psychology
Information Command
Interplanetary Consolidation
Jury Rigging
Kinetic Armor Compensation
Kinetic Shield Compensation
Laboratory Operation
Ladar Sensor Compensation
Launcher Rigging
Light Drone Operation
Light Missiles
Long Distance Jamming
Long Range Targeting
Magnetometric Sensor Compensation
Mass Production
Medium Drone Operation
Medium Energy Turret
Medium Hybrid Turret
Medium Projectile Turret
Mercoxit Ore Processing
Mining Director
Mining Drone Operation
Mining Foreman
Mining Frigate
Mining Upgrades
Minmatar Battlecruiser
Minmatar Cruiser
Minmatar Destroyer
Minmatar Encryption Methods
Minmatar Frigate
Minmatar Hauler
Missile Bombardment
Missile Launcher Operation
Missile Projection
Motion Prediction
Nanite Operation
ORE Industrial
Power Grid Management
Projectile Weapon Rigging
Propulsion Jamming
Radar Sensor Compensation
Rapid Firing
Rapid Launch
Remote Armor Repair Systems
Remote Hull Repair Systems
Remote Sensing
Repair Drone Operation
Repair Systems
Reprocessing Efficiency
Resistance Phasing
Salvage Drone Operation
Scrapmetal Processing
Sensor Linking
Shield Command
Shield Compensation
Shield Emission Systems
Shield Management
Shield Operation
Shield Rigging
Shield Upgrades
Signal Dispersion
Signal Suppression
Signature Analysis
Signature Focusing
Simple Ore Processing
Skirmish Command
Small Energy Turret
Small Hybrid Turret
Small Projectile Turret
Spaceship Command
Surgical Strike
Tactical Shield Manipulation
Target Breaker Amplification
Target Management
Target Navigation Prediction
Target Painting
Thermal Armor Compensation
Thermal Shield Compensation
Trajectory Analysis
Warhead Upgrades
Warp Drive Operation
Weapon Destabilization
Weapon Disruption
Weapon Upgrades
Advanced SkillbookRequirements
Advanced PlanetologyPlanetology IV
Amarr BattleshipAmarr Battlecruiser III, Spaceship Command IV
Amarr Drone SpecializationDrones V and one of the Light, Medium or Heavy Drone Operation skills level V
Amarr Tactical DestroyerAmarr Destroyer V
Armored Command SpecialistArmored Command V
Assault FrigatesMechanics V and Power Grid Management V
Bomb Deployment (Missile Bombardment IV, Electronics Upgrades Level V, a racial Frigate V and Cloaking IV)
Caldari BattleshipCaldari Battlecruiser III, Spaceship Command IV
Caldari Drone SpecializationDrones V and one of the Light, Medium or Heavy Drone Operation skills level V
Caldari Tactical DestroyerCaldari Destroyer V
Coherent Ore ProcessingScience III, Reprocessing V
Command Burst SpecialistLeadership V
Complex Ore ProcessingScience IV, Metallurgy IV, Reprocessing IV, Reprocessing Efficiency V
Covert OpsElectronics Upgrades V, a racial Frigate V and Cloaking IV
Cynosural Field TheoryCPU Management V
Electronic Attack ShipsLong Range Targeting V and a racial Frigate V
Gallente Battleship (Gallente Battlecruiser III, Spaceship Command IV)
Gallente Drone SpecializationDrones V and one of the Light, Medium or Heavy Drone Operation skills level V
Gallente Tactical DestroyerGallente Destroyer V
Heavy Assault Missile SpecializationHeavy Assault Missiles V
Heavy Missile SpecializationHeavy Missiles V
Information Command SpecialistInformation Command V
InterceptorsEvasive Maneuvering V and a racial Frigate V
Large Energy TurretGunnery V
Large Hybrid TurretGunnery V
Large Projectile TurretGunnery V
Light Missile SpecializationLight Missiles V and Missile Launcher Operation II
Logistics FrigatesSignature Analysis V, Long Range Targeting IV
Medium Artillery SpecializationMedium Projectile Turret V and Sharpshooter IV
Medium Autocannon SpecializationMedium Projectile Turret V and Motion Prediction IV
Medium Pulse Laser SpecializationMedium Energy Turret V and Motion Prediction IV
Medium Railgun SpecializationMedium Hybrid Turret V and Sharpshooter IV
Mining BargeIndustry V, Mining Frigate III and Astrogeology III
Minmatar BattleshipGunnery V (for Maelstrom doctrine)
Minmatar Drone SpecializationDrones V and one of the Light, Medium or Heavy Drone Operation skills level V
Minmatar Tactical DestroyerMinmatar Destroyer V
Rocket SpecializationRockets V
Sentry Drone InterfacingDrones V, Drone Sharpshooting IV and Drone Interfacing IV
Shield Command SpecialistShield Command V
Skirmish Command SpecialistSkirmish Command V
Small Artillery SpecializationSmall Projectile Turret V
Small Autocannon SpecializationSmall Projectile Turret V
Small Beam Laser SpecializationSmall Energy Turret V
Small Blaster SpecializationSmall Hybrid Turret V
Small Pulse Laser SpecializationSmall Energy Turret V
Small Railgun SpecializationSmall Hybrid Turret V
ThermodynamicsScience IV and Power Grid Management IV
Variegated Ore ProcessingMetallurgy III, Science IV, Reprocessing IV, Reprocessing Efficiency IV
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