About the Brave Collective

The Brave Collective is an alliance that was founded in 2013 by Brave Newbies Inc. to find new friends and to fly with them into battle. We focus exclusively on providing players who are new to EVE Online with an active community and friendly environment where they can have fun as they learn more about EVE Online. While we are mainly a PvP alliance that operates in known as well as wormhole space, there are corporations in our alliance that participate in other aspects of EVE Online such as exploration, manufacturing, mining, and trading.

After having taken the EVE Online community by storm and having grown to become EVE Online's fifth largest corporation in three months, Matias Otero, the CEO of Brave Newbies Inc. at the time, received diplomatic offers from various alliances based in high security, low security as well as null security space inviting Brave Newbies Inc. to join their respective alliances. With the goal of maintaining political independence and because of the need to allow members of other corporations who had flown with Brave Newbies Inc. previously to be able to continue flying with them without having to leave their corporations, Matias Otero declined these offers politely and decided to create the Brave Collective alliance in Rahadalon on May 6th, 2013. Learn more about Brave's History

Name Position
Jinx De'Caire Alliance CEO, Brave Collective
Wolfy Alexstrasza Chief of Staff, Brave Collective
Jesse Takona Director, Brave Classyness
Professor Push Director, Brave Diplomacy
Jana Halley Director, Brave Education (Brave Dojo)
Avend Avalhar Director, Brave Finance
Arian Felou Director, Brave Infrastructure
Cond0mBurst Director, Brave Infrastructure
Yondu Quill Director, Brave Infrastructure
Tian Khamez Director, Brave IT Services
Shattered Armer Director, Brave Military
Sadism Evolved Director, Brave Recruiting

Choose the corp you are interested in joining. A description of each corp and link to their recruitment page is below.

Full list on dotlan.

For corporations looking to join the Brave Collective click below:

Joining with a Corporation

The Brave Collective has a set of rules every member is expected to follow. These rules are the base for living together as a group and pursuing a common goal and shared principles.

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