Spoopy Newbies

Spoopy Newbies is the Brave Collective's sole WH corporation. Although we do operate as a separate corporation to BNI, we actively encourage all members of the Brave Collective to come visit our hole, while still in their home corporation. We have ships for you to use, and are more than happy to teach players about how to survive in WH space.

  • Spoopy Newbies currently does not have any external resources.

Name Position Contact
Algazel CEO @Rockhoof on Slack
Ed Curver 2IC @Ed on Slack
Shaddai Davis Director RUTZ @Shaddai Davis on Slack

Interested BNI members are encouraged to join us on our day-tripping program to come live the WH life. Join our WH channel #spoopy-public on Slack, and we will be happy to get you set up in our hole!

Outside members can contact our recruiters (join "Spoopy Public" ingame) or follow this Guide. Interested parties must have basic WH competency (scanning, Tripwire, and WH life), but we are happy to teach this before you come into the hole!

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