North Korean Nuclear Research <NOOKD>

My name is Minok, and I run a corp that is focused on helping new players learn to have fun playing EVE Online. I've been playing for more than a decade, and have seen some things 8-O but what I enjoy most is when a new player finds something in it that really connects with them. While we are a part of the larger Brave alliance, the premier place for new pilots to learn Eve, we also offer a small group feel to help you get acclimated to life in null-sec and make space friends.

We offer some cool perks to get you off the ground and move from noob to novice to experienced:

  • Monthly prizes for mining and pvp kills: Prizes up to 100 million isk or skill injectors
  • Our own moon in Q-5211 with mining boosts
  • Tons of pvp content, free starter ships, and Brave SRP for daily alliance fleets

  • None at the moment.

Name Position
Minok Arakal CEO
DisasterKuz COO
Victoria Reyas Head of Industry, Recruiter

Reach out on Discord, message in our recruitment channel (NKNR Recruitment) or send in-game mail to any of the leaders listed above.

  • Alpha pilots welcomed. No minimum skill points required.
  • All applicants should complete the initial training missions and the Sisters of Eve Arc before applying. Instructions about these missions are listed in the Rookie Help window in-game. Trust us, if you're new to Eve, you should learn to crawl and walk in high-sec before you try to do backflips in null-sec.
  • Upon acceptance, we'll help you join us out here in Pure Blind! This will likely consist of you selling all of your stuff, setting our base as your home station, then self-destructing and waking up in null-sec. We'll take it from there.

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