Brave Empire (High Sec)

Brave Empire is Brave Collective's only High/Low Sec-based corporation. If you prefer the safety of 1.0 space over the lawlessness of nullsec, we exist to offer a softer starting point for new players who are just getting into the game, as well as a way for established veterans to operate freely in High Sec while still retaining access to all of the Brave Alliance's space and services.

Other benefits of joining Brave Empire:

  • No war-decs! (all of our structures are held outside of our corporation/alliance so you don't have to worry about war-decs)
  • Unrestricted access to Brave nullsec space - a hungry market for your industry output!
  • Moon mining!
  • Buyback programs for your loot!
  • Free ships, blueprints, implants, and other resources to get you started in EVE!

We are new-player focused, and seek to offer a broad introduction to all Eve has to offer with regular fleets, classes, and even free ships and implants.

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Name Position Contact
Max Dawntreader CEO Slack: Max Dawntreader
The HallucinatorDirectorSlack: The Hallucinator
Jinx De'Caire Director Slack: Jinx De'Caire
Jana Halley Director Slack: Jana Halley

Hit the button below for instructions on how to join!

Join Brave Empire

Brave Empire utilizes the Brave Collective's Mumble and slack for voice and text communications. It is HIGHLY recommended you set up both. Make sure you join the #brave-empire & brave-empire-pings channels in slack. Set Up IT Services

Staging & Standing Orders

Brave Empire Stagings are recommendations for areas to have certain types of ships in order to participate in group activities as a corp. By no means do you have to keep anything anywhere you do not wish, but these will be he foci for fleets and activities pinged in #brave-empire-pings.

Name Location Purpose
Brave Empire HQ Nikh for all HS and LS activity. HS/LS Mining Ops, mission fleets, FOB Bashing, staging of related corp handouts.
Brave Empire Lonetrek Outpost for all activity related to supporting Brave Null. Island life

All members of Brave Empire are to abide by the Alliance Rules

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