Incredible. is a high skill corporation, appealing to end game players who want to go beyond what Brave Newbies Inc. can offer. We engage in advanced pvp, develop new tactics and doctrines, as well as deploying to opportune 'hot zones' to fight more skilled pilots. We offer all of the benefits of an elite corporation, while still being a part of Brave Collective at core.

We are the natural progression for pilots seeking more of a challenge, who want to step up, do more and make a difference.

If you want to fight in advanced ships, you want to be Incredible.

Internal Resources

External Resources

Name Position Contact
Cagali Cagali CEO @cagali (Slack) / Ingame
Yukiko Kami Ceremonial President @yukiko_kami (Slack) / Ingame
Apollo Ghauri Head of Operations / Recruiter Slack / Ingame
Chagrin Case Recruiter Slack / Ingame
TheReverend Arnst Recruiter / MilDir#2 Slack / Ingame
Sadism Evolved Logistics Director Slack / Ingame

External recruitment is OPEN. External recruitment requires a clean history (ie no "enemy" corps) with good time in each (not 1 month here, 2 weeks there).

The following are required:

  • Ability to fly a ceptor and a bomber.
  • Mainline high SP DPS (Ferox, Maels)
  • Active Killboard or proven activity in fleets (ie. you never die or always fly logi, etc)
  • Omega clonestate

The following are recommended:

  • You are able to fly our T2 Support Doctrines, T2 Logi/ Recon Ships/ Support for Brave doctrines (Basi/Scimi/Huginn, etc)
  • You have 20,000,000+ Skillpoints (Again, exceptions can and have been made for high talent low SP players)

If you don't meet those requirements but feel like you might still be good fit, send Yukiko Kami a message in game or on Slack.

If you meet those requirements, head on over to the Recruitment Website and send in your application!

In game chat: Incredible.

Join Incredible.