Incredible are the official alliance owned and sanctioned high skill point corporation for the Brave Collective. We offer a progression route for players wanting to progress within the PvP playstyle and seeking more of a focussed challenge.

While specialised more towards PvP, we also have whole host of supporting roles. Indeed as part of our forward thinking approach there are specialist roles available in Incredible that don't really exist elsewhere within the alliance in any meaningful form and that we are trailblazing such as combat logistics, forward production, rapid structure deployment, regional content denial and sov warfare specialists to name but a few.

Incredible is not for the feint of heart, you need to be ready and willing to put your skills to the test.

We have a lot of experts available to help you understand and thrive in specialist fleet roles, sigs, as an FC and even working towards leadership positions.

No corporation does more to support your progression within the Brave Collective than Incredible. We're all about identifying, encouraging and nurturing the talent within our corporation. The operative word here is talent, it's not about ego or glory, it's about performing a job well and to the benefit of others. Alliance level roles are about serving the collective.

Whether it's learning to FC with a bunch of high end pilots in your fleet that follow orders seamlessly, and with ships provided so you don't have to worry about losses. Or honing your piloting skills so you can participate in Alliance Tournaments, or taking on responsibilities for recruitment and even helping out the Dojo, Incredible actively help, encourage and support people to do more.

Incredible were born out of, are an integral part of and are fiercely loyal to Brave. We've put ourselves in the firing line to help Brave in the past and no doubt will do again, without question. While we may do our own thing on occasion we are always there when the alliance calls.

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Name Role Contact
Sadism Evolved CEO @Sadism Evolved (Slack) / In Game
Jenson Aivo Director @Jenson Aivo (Slack) / In Game
Pixie Hita Director @Pixie Hita (Slack) / In Game
Furyan Daughter Director
Alha'zred Director

Kronos Hopeslayer USTZ Coordination @Kronos Hopeslayer (Slack) / In Game
Alan McVeigh Lead Recruiter

Although we do have requirements for joining it's mostly about spirit versus skill points. If you don't meet all of our requirements but demonstrate everything it means to be a member of Incredible then we will of course consider you for membership. Equally someone who on paper might be the ideal candidate but that lacks the drive or determination to use their skills or that it's about ego over substance may be declined. If you want to discuss joining then join our in game channel Join incredible. (including the dot) or contact Furyan Daughter or Sadism Evolved (see contact details above).

Minimum Requirements
  • Can effectively fly one or more T2 frigates
  • Can fly one or more Alliance fleet doctrines of Battlecruiser upwards
  • Active killboard and / or proven alliance fleet activity
  • Omega clone state (on main account)
  • Can effectively fly one or more T2 cruiser DPS or support doctrines
  • At least 20 million skill points (preferably mostly trained not injected)
  • Have trained or are prioritising the magic 14 skills
External Recruitment

We are open to applications from outside our alliance provided that you meet the minimum and recommended requirements and have a clean history without too much corporation hopping. Sorry there are no exceptions to our requirements for external applicants.

To join simply head over to Our Recruitment Website

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