HEMUS (Bulgarian, RU, EN)

HEMUS was founded many years ago by dedicated players with the goal to build up a good place for the Bulgarian speaking community to enjoy Eve.

  • We are focusing on all aspects of the game, PVP, PVE, Industry etc. We encourage our members to embrace the aspects of the game which they enjoy most.
  • We have furious and bloodthirsty PVP players but we also have very dedicated industrialists and miners as well.

As we develop our Bulgarian community having an international focus is also important, this is why we are open for English and Russian speaking players as well.

All HEMUS related fleets are being lead by our experienced FCs in English.

For more information and details please do not hesitate to contact us on our DISCORD

Name Position
Atan Auden CEO
Rados Slav Council Member
gavhri el Council Member
Tenaglia Human Resources
Community Management

Start playing eve today with us!

  • Step 1. Join the ingame channel HEMUS
  • Step 2. Join us on Discord so we could give you some more information about our community and internal rules.
  • Step 3. Apply via the in-game application.
  • Step 4. Follow the in-game Welcome Mail instructions :)

Join HEMUS on Discord

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