Lone Star Warriors are a Global competitive corporation. We span out into different aspects of EVE, from mining, missions and manufacturing to PvP. We have players from all over the world, and has recently opened its doors for recruitment.

We believe that with our experience we can give pilots of any age or type a place to grow, LSWS formed out of Providence 10 years ago and have travelled the EVE Universe and have been part of all major campaign in the past 10 years, we have travelled from Providence, Catch, Immensea, Feythabolis, Scalding Pass before joining Brave in Pure Blind.

We are now recruiting mature, competent pilots into a medium, relaxed but organized, corp of friendly veterans. Active 23/7.

  • We are open to conversation and chat via Discord, In Brave we use Mumble and Slack
  • In game we have the LSWS Disco Channel to come and discuss our options and your future.
Name Role Contact
Tamar Finon CEO @Tamar_Finon (Slack) / In Game

Instructions on how to join go here, or delete this section.

Requirements for Joining
  • At least 5 million skill points
  • Willing to learn
  • Can fly a T1 battlecruiser
  • Can fly a T1 mining barge
  • Disiplined and love to act as part of a team

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