Rational Chaos Inc.

We don't make sense here.
Rational Chaos Inc. (RCI.) is a member of the Brave Collective. Originally started in 2011, RCI was resurrected during the height of Impass to become one of BRAVE's preeminent high-sp and heavy industry corps.

And yes, we're still alive!

We are looking for people with ambition, initiative, people that stand apart. In RCI we aim to grow talent and help our members go above and beyond in their goals. Whether it be helping to hone their solo hunting skills to plant their flag on killboard leader-boards, or building for and seeding markets to supply the alliance with ships or even leading fleets of hundreds in coalition level fleets. Whatever your goals, RCI can help you to achieve them.

In return for your talent and your ambition we offer a home with like minded pilots that all work together to achieve their full potential and together we make each other stronger.

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Capital Construction Mining Capital Combat PvP PvE Memes Kitchen Sink FCing Medium+ SP End game content

Name Position Contact
Morgaine Mighthammer Co-CEO @Morgaine Mighthammer on Slack
BeardyCheese Co-CEO @BeardyCheese on Slack
Quinn Munba 2IC @Quinn Munba on Slack
Pip Kouvo Director @Pip Kouvo on Slack
Thursir / Myzra Bloodblade Director @Thursir on Slack

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