Rational Chaos Inc.

We don't make sense here.

Rational Chaos Inc. (RCI.) is one of Brave's preeminent corporations.

We are about one thing, having fun. No matter what we do, its guaranteed to get talked about. If something chaotic is going down, we're involved.

We take pleasure in helping our members go above and beyond while achieving their goals. Whether it be helping to honing PVP skills to plant your flag on zkillboard leaderboards, building ships and seeding markets to supply the alliance, leading fleets of hundreds in coalition level fleets or even with krabbing.

Whatever we do, we always let the results speak for themselves because nobody does it better than us.

Pilots within our walls have a home with like minded pilots and get access to exclusive benefits including:

  • Corp SRP to support your daily fun
  • Cheap Capitals
  • Stocked hangers with handouts
  • Exclusive PVE Opportunities
  • Extensive BPO Library
  • Buyback program
  • Active Discord/Slack
Name Position Contact
Morgaine Mighthammer Co-CEO @Morgaine Mighthammer on Slack
BeardyCheese Co-CEO @BeardyCheese on Slack
Quinn Munba 2IC @Quinn Munba on Slack
Pip Kouvo Director @Pip Kouvo on Slack
Thursir Bloodblade Director @Thursir on Slack
Eistonen Kodan Sasen Director @Eistonen Kodan Sasen on Slack
Johanvert Recruitment Lead @Johanvert on Slack

Our requirements are simple, show us ambition, initiative and that you want to be part of a team. If you meet these requirements, click the button below and fill out an application. We'll be in touch.

If you want to talk with us first, get in touch via Rationally Chaotic in game, #rci-recruiting-public on slack, the Brave recruitment discord or on our own discord.

Join RCI.

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