Brave Newbies Inc.

Founded on January 31, 2013 by Matios Otero, Brave Newbies Inc. is a newbie friendly corporation. It was founded by a few enthusiastic new players who wanted to have a place to have fun with no obligations for themselves and others. Brave Newbies Inc. also has a policy of "stay classy", both towards our corp members and people outside the corporation.

"No man made a greater mistake by doing nothing because he felt he could only do a little."

Name Position Contact
Cagali Cagali AFK CEO of our hearts Skype: cagalicagali
Jinx De'Caire Acting CEO Slack: @jinxdecaire
Discord:[SB00N]Jinx De'Caire#5100
Naverin Human Resources
Community Management
Slack: @naverin
Paul Hipster Malcolmson “Peoples Voice”
Experienced Newbie Leader
Military Liaison
Slack: @Paul Hipster

Do you have a computer and a pulse? Brave Newbies wants you!

Join Brave Newbies Inc.

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