BRAVE Alliance Rules

Brave makes every effort to keep its rules as straightforward as possible, so that we can provide an experience that's easygoing and fun for all our members. Every rule here exists as either part of our Core Tenets, or out of necessity.

Staying Classy can be broadly thought of as "not doing something which would get you punched by your mate at a pub." For social disputes, this is the standard that will be applied.

The Brave Collective does not permit discrimination or harassment by any user of our alliance-level services.

Pornographic, gore or similar content is also not welcome on our services.

Stay Classy also includes not gloating or mocking our vanquished foes, basically don't be a dick just because you won a fight.

Members of the Brave Collective are not allowed to shoot blues without their consent.

In cases where you are being shot at without your consent, make every possible effort to de-escalate the situation without firing back if possible. Then report the person who shot at you to our diplo team.

Note: This rule applies to Faction Warfare as well - do not shoot blues while participating in Faction Warfare!

Scams of non-blues are fine, but recruiting scams and scams in the name of Brave are strictly prohibited. All ransoms must be honored if the demands are met.


Soliciting monetary support via Brave IT services is prohibited. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for legitimate charities and projects that directly support the alliance. Please contact a member of the leadership team before posting any charitable or similar links.

Brave strictly prohibits the practice of re-listing items bought off our markets for a higher price. This practice is known as Blue-Fucking.

For a clear definition of Blue-Fucking and some general advice regarding the market, you can reference this article.

Looting and salvaging is an important Brave tradition, and as such we try to keep our looting rules as unrestricted as possible


Loot in PVE sites belongs to the people running them. Loot from friendly sub-capital wrecks if the situation allows, give pilots time to return and scoop their own wrecks. If unable, scoop what you can and return it to that pilot, Brave Capital loot that is scooped during a battle should be contracted back to the pilot.

Please do not loot or salvage while a fleet fight is still underway.

NPC Wrecks

All NPC wrecks in Cosmic Anomalies and Signatures belong to the player running the site. If you are running/mining anomalies as group, the loot is free for all.

Player Loot

Loot from player ship wrecks belongs to whoever is the first to grab it. We do however greatly encourage sharing loot with those that lost their ships to help get those kills.

The exception to this is capital loot from friendly capitals. Please send this back to the victim, or if you're not sure who the owner was, please contract to the corporation Brave Holdings. If it's a stratop or our cap fleet kills something - you'd be helping us out enormously to contract the hostile loot to Shattered Armer, who will use the loot to help fund SRP.

Loot from blue wrecks must be returned on request to the wreck's owner.


While exploring in Friendly space, you MUST finish all sites you start. That means once the first can is looted, you must loot or fail the other cans so the site will despawn. Failing to do this is known as Cherrypicking. In addition, make sure to avoid regions which we are prohibited from exploring in.

Encounter Surveillance Systems (ESS)

The accessing of Main Banks in Brave or Blue Encounter Surveillance Systems is strictly prohibited. You may access Reserve Banks in systems belonging to Brave in the region of Pure Blind, but you must pay 5% of the linking's total output to the Brave Holdings corporation.

Members are generally allowed to drop Personal Deployables in Brave Space, however they may be destroyed if left unattended.

Mobile Tractor Units

Brave MTUs are free to be shot during fleet ops. Brave members are expressively allowed to loot the field however. Orphaned MTUs in unfinished anomalies or belts in our systems are free to be shot if attempts to contact the owner have failed (give them a few minutes in case they DC'd).

Warp Disruption Bubbles

Brave Bubbles are free to be shot if they are unattended.

Do not anchor bubbles on gates in F-NMX6 or any gates leading to the system.

These gates are high traffic areas, so remind yourself that if a blue ship dies in an unattended bubble you deployed you're expected to take personal responsibility and compensate the pilot. If there's a dispute about this, bring it to HR for resolution, AWOX-ing is never an option, for any reason.

If you put up bubbles, take them down before going AFK or logging off. If your bubble is abandoned it can be shot and destroyed by blues.

Streaming is permitted in Brave, but during fleets some care must be taken to avoid leaking information and causing unnecessary drama.

Dedicated Fleets

Fleets dedicated to streaming may be setup however the streamer wishes, as long as the ping and fleet MOTD mentions that it's being streamed and unrelated opsec information is obfuscated.

Other Fun Fleets

Fun fleets may be streamed with the express permission of the FC, however the following restrictions must be adhered to:

  • There must be a delay of at least 5 minutes.
  • Opsec information like intel channels must be obfuscated.
  • The ping and MOTD for the fleet must be amended to specify that the fleet's being streamed, and those currently in the fleet must be informed.
    • These must also specify if comms are being streamed.

Standing Fleet

Standing Fleet may be streamed, but only under the following restrictions:

  • There must be a delay of at least 2 minutes.
  • Open standing comms may not be streamed under any circumstances.
  • Opsec information including intel channels, fleet comp, and fleet membership must be obfuscated.
  • Ratting and mining groups may not be streamed. Additionally if it looks like you're just streaming to publicize blue intel we will not be happy with you.
  • The fleet must be informed that someone's streaming.


Stratops, Capital Fleets, and Supercapital Fleets should not be streamed under any circumstances.

When throwing capitals around some care needs to be taken to avoid scaring off content or causing confusion. The following rules apply to all Brave pilots, not just those in the YOLOCaps SIG.

General Restrictions

If a friendly subcapital force is forming for or has already engaged your target, you must get permission from the FC before engaging. Make sure to specify at that time if you would like their support in extracting.

A 'subcapital force' is defined as any fleet or gang which has organized to the point that there is a clear FC present. The FC does NOT need to have tags for this to apply, and may be from any blue alliance.


You are not entitled to support unless you can convince someone to provide it. DO NOT mislead people into thinking they need to support or save you.

YOLO drops are not eligible for SRP unless commanded by a Capital FC and meeting all other standard requirements.

Diplo Things

If you drop in an allied system you must comply with the system owners' rules and wishes. In Brave space, only Brave leadership has authority over YOLO drops.

You must ensure you meet the minimum skill requirements in order to Rorqual mine in Brave space, and be a member of the Rorqual sig.

The complete set of policies regarding Rorqual mining in Brave space can be found here.

There are new minimum requirements for any form of supercapital activity in Brave space, including both PVP and PVE. They are:

- Own a supercarrier hull, and
- Have a trained cyno recon alt and hull on a separate account.
If you meet these requirements, you can apply on the recruitment site using the following link:

Personal standings should be reviewed intermittently to ensure that you don't have personal standings which could allow neutral or entities hostile to brave into a Brave standing fleet should you assume an in fleet command position. Non brave entities should not be invited into a Brave Standing fleet, including personal non-brave alts. If needed, we have Brave Empire available should you need a non-war declarable alt, or if necessary drop from fleet for neutral cyno needs

Brave expects that each pilot will maintaining their Brave core account.

This includes:
Keeping valid tokens on all of your characters associated with your Brave Core account.
Ensure that ALL characters of yours are added to your Brave Core account.
Add any new characters created to your Brave Core.

You are expected to abide by the EVE Online Terms of Service and End User License Agreement at all times.

If you suspect someone of violating either of these documents, you are expected to report the character in question to both CCP, and to alliance leadership by sending a ping to the HR team via our Ping Board.

Alliance services include but are not limited to our in-game alliance channels, Forum, Mumble, Wiki, Slack, and Subreddit.

Access to the alliance services is a privilege that can be taken from members for violation of the rules stated on this page or for the disruption of alliance services.

The rules above are enforced by the alliance HR department. HR Officers act as moderators of the alliance rules and are tasked with determining whether someone is in line with our rules. You can contact HR by sending a ping to the HR category via our Ping Board. A list of HR Officers can be found on the HR Wiki Page.

Members are expected to comply with HR's instructions. The HR department can and will moderate all alliance services.

Brave HR is authorized to decide on disciplinary action taken against all Brave Collective members. If an alliance member disagrees with a decision made by the HR Team, the course of action is to contact their corp leadership. Failure to follow this procedure or to follow the instructions of HR Officers can lead to further disciplinary action.

Brave HR is authorized to take disciplinary action beyond the immediate scope of the rules on this page if it is deemed necessary. The HR team answers to the Head of HR and the alliance CEO.

For rules for Member Corporations in Brave Collective click below

Requirements for Corporations

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