The Brave Dojo

The Brave Dojo is an alliance-level initiative managed by Brave Education whose mission is to help players who are new to EVE Online. If you are a new player, you should read this guide. The Dojo Services are available to characters of any age or skill, there is always something that you don't know yet. The Dojo is fully funded by donations from players from in and outside the alliance. All donations are directly used to support our programs and no isk or items are handed over to branches not dealing with education.

The Dojo Wiki is the main source of information on game mechanics, activities in the game and contains articles, guides and recordings and syllabi of classes. All members of the Brave Collective can contribute to it.

  • Classes are pinged in the #pings-dojo channel on slack, as well as any delays or updates.
  • Recordings of many classes can be found here.
  • Video Recordings of many classes can be found on the Brave Dojo YouTube Channel.
  • You can find basic Skillplans for useful ships here.
  • We also provide fits to help you survive and make money in EVE.
  • To schedule a class you can reach out to Wolfy Alexstrasza or Nater Ormand for assistance in Slack or ping it using the Brave Ping Board.
  • If you teach a class or want to submit a video to the Brave Dojo Youtube Channel, please use this form. Dojo Class Payout Form
  • We now have a Slack channel you can join if you are interested in teaching classes or learning more about working with the Dojo: #dojo-instructors
  • Please note - in order for your class to qualify for the full 400m ISK payment, you must ping it a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled start time, and again just before class is scheduled to begin (preferable 30 min to 1 hour prior). This is to give everyone a fair chance to attend your class if they wish. Any classes that do not meet these requirements will be paid out at a reduced rate of 200m ISK.
Skill Handouts K7D-II
Welcome to Eve Skill Book Package
A set of skill books for players who are brand new to Eve, to boost your career in Brave!
Free Skill Books
We offer both basic and advanced books.
Dojo Sensei Library
More advanced skillbooks available for purchase.
Free Implants
Free +1 implants to reduce that nasty training time.
Ship Handouts K7D-II
Dojo PvP Frigates
Free tackle and ewar frigates to help you fight in fleets.
Dojo PvE Frigates
Free salvage, mining and exploration frigates to get you earning money.
The Vexor Newbro Edition
Your first ratting ship!
Industry Handouts K7D-II
Planetary Interaction
Free Command Centers & Epithals to help you earn Isk.
The Free Blueprint (BPC) Programme
The BPC program offers a large set of fully researched blueprints to get you starting in industry. Note: The BPC program is organized by the Brave Industry team is and listed here only for convenience.
  • You can reach us on different alliance Services.
  • The easiest place to get answers to all your questions is the #dojo channel on the Brave Collective Slack.
  • If you have questions while being ingame or need any frigate handouts, try the in-game chat channel Brave Dojo.
  • You can also find us in our voice chat channel (Brave Collective » General » Dojo - Ask Questions Here) on our Mumble server. Click here to set up our IT services.
Jana Halley Director, Brave Education
Theodin Lynx Logistics
Wolfy Alexstrasza, Nater Ormand Class Coordination
Matty Iceberg Skillbooks

You have to be a member of the Brave Collective to join the Brave Dojo.

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