The Brave Dojo Sensei Library


The Sensei Library is found deep within the bowels of the fortizar. Piles of datasheets, datapads, and real books cover desks and spill out of shelves. Incense and the stale smell of actual paper fill your nostrils. Here the Dojo Senseis have hoarded away all sorts of knowledge, which they will share, for a donation, used to fuel their giveaways.

The BRAVE Dojo offers advanced paid skillbooks to all players in our alliance. Yes, more skillbooks available in GE-8JV! Hooray!

Checkout the list of available skillbooks below. Prices are based on round numbers above the NPC prices which will be used to fund this and the free skillbook programs.

This program has some basic rules you have to follow:

  • The program is only available to the alliance.
  • Each book can only be claimed once, no duplicates. If you have multiple pilots in the alliance, please make separate contract from each one of your character.
  • Only the books on the list can be requested.
  • Paid books have specific requirements, check the list for more details.
  • The program operates only from our home fortizar, GE-8JV - SOTA FACTORY.
  • Order less than 5 Sensei Library skillbooks at a time so Dojo staff doesn't have to do hard math.

Anything that is unreasonable will be rejected. And this is a sliding scale, arbitrary and utterly at the discretion of the Skillbook Managers. If they blink at the contract, they’ll reject it.

Can't find a book that you want in here? Consider getting one for yourself and donating one to the Dojo. Once it has been added, we will keep it stocked for other people who might be interested in it.

  1. Go to our staging Fortizar, GE-8JV - SOTA FACTORY
  2. Click the neocom in the top left corner (three horizontal lines)
  3. Select Business, then Contracts
  4. On the Start Page, click Create Contract
  5. Select Item Exchange
  6. Select Private
  7. Fill in The Brave Dojo
  8. Select Next
  9. Ignore Pick Items, select Next
  10. Check Also Request items from buyer
  11. Add in "I will pay" the cost of the skillbooks as listed in the tables below.
  12. Add the skillbooks
  13. Add the description:"Sensei Library request"
  14. Select Next
  15. Double check contract details
  16. Select Finish

Make sure the location is GE-8JV - SOTA FACTORY before creating your contract!


You ask for a skillbook that's not on the list (see below) or is currently out of stock.

Wrong Station

You have to issue the contract while being docked in the station at GE-8JV - SOTA FACTORY.

Free skillbooks mixed with paid

This program is run parallel to the Free skillbook program. Please do not mix and match between paid skillbook programs and free skillbook programs.


You ask for all of the books at once.

You can request all skillbooks listed here, but please understand that we will contact you if you request any books form the advanced list to confirm you have the requirements trained.

Paid Skillbooks Skillbook Cost
Accounting5 million isk
Advanced Industrial Ship Construction5 million isk
Advanced Infomorph Psychology50 million isk
Advanced Mass Production20 million isk
Advanced Mass Reactions 30 million isk
Advanced Medium Ship Construction 5 million isk
Advanced Small Ship Construction5 million isk
Advanced Spaceship Commmand 55 million isk
Amarr Battleship Now Part of the Free Skillbook Program!
Amarr Strategic Cruiser5 million isk
Caldari Battleship Now part of Free skillbook program
Caldari Core Systems5 million isk
Caldari Defensive Systems5 million isk
Caldari Offensive Systems5 million isk
Caldari Propulsion Systems5 million isk
Caldari Strategic Cruiser5 million isk
Common Moon Ore Processing 15 million isk
Command Destroyers 25 million isk
Cruise Missile Specialization 10 million isk
Daytrading 15 million isk
Drug Manufacturing 35 million isk
Exceptional Moon Ore Processing 30 million isk
Exhumers 35 million isk
Expedition Frigates 5 million isk
Gallente Battleship Now Part of the Free Skillbook Program!
Gas Cloud Harvesting 25 million isk
Graviton Physics 10 million isk
Heavy Assault Cruisers 35 million isk
Heavy Interdiction Cruisers 35 million isk
Hydromagnetic Physics 15 million isk
Industrial Command Ships 55 million isk
Infomorph Synchronizing 5 million isk
Interdictors 20 million isk
Jump Drive Operation 15 million isk
Jump Drive Calibration 35 million isk
Jump Fuel Conservation 25 million isk
Large Artillery Specialization 10 million isk
Large Blaster Specialization 10 million isk
Large Railgun Specialization 10 million isk
Laser Physics 10 million isk
Logisitics Cruisers 30 million isk
Margin Trading 25 million isk
Mass Reactions 5 million isk
Medium Beam Laser Specialization 5 million isk
Medium Blaster Specialization 5 million isk
Micro Jump Drive Operation 5 million isk
Mining Drone Specialization 10 million isk
Minmatar Core Systems5 million isk
Minmatar Defensive Systems5 million isk
Minmatar Offensive Systems5 million isk
Minmatar Propulsion Systems5 million isk
Minmatar Starship Engineering 10 million isk
Minmatar Strategic Cruiser5 million isk
Nanite Interfacing5 million isk
Neurotoxin Control140 million isk
Neurotoxin Recovery50 million isk
Nuclear Physics 10 million isk
Plasma Physics 10 million isk
Quantum Physics 10 million isk
Rare Moon Ore Processing 30 million isk
Recon Ships 35 million isk
Remote Reactions15 million isk
Scientific Networking 10 million isk
Supply Chain Management 10 million isk
Torpedo Specialization 10 million isk
Transport Ships 35 million isk
Ubiquitous Moon Ore Processing 10 million isk
Uncommon Moon Ore Processing 25 million isk
Visibility 10 million isk
Wholesale 35 million isk
Wing Command 5 million isk
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