The Brave Dojo - Free Implants Program

The BRAVE Dojo offers free +1 attribute enhancing implants to our alliance members. Yes, free stuff for Alliance members! Hooray!

The objective of this program is to provide free +1 implants to people who cant afford them, not to plug +1s in each our of your combat clones. Anything that is unreasonable will be rejected. And this is a sliding scale, arbitrary and utterly at the discretion of the Managers.

This program has some basic rules you have to follow:

  • The program is only available to the alliance
  • Only +1 implants are available:
    • Limited Ocular Filter (Perception)
    • Limited Memory Augmentation (Memory)
    • Limited Neural Boost (Willpower)
    • Limited Cybernetic Subprocessor (Intelligence)
    • Limited Social Adaptation Chip (Charisma)
  • Only request the 2 implants that match the skills you are training.

  1. Travel to and dock up in K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose
  2. Click the neocom in the top left corner (three horizontal lines)
  3. Select Finance, then Contracts
  4. On the Start Page, click Create Contract
  5. Select Item Exchange
  6. Select Private
  7. Fill in The Brave Dojo
  8. Select Next
  9. Ignore Pick Items, select Next
  10. Check Also Request items from buyer
  11. Add the implants
  12. Select Next
  13. Double check contract details
  14. Select Finish

Make sure the location is K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose before creating your contract!


You ask for more than 2 implants.


You ask for something that's not a +1 attribute enhancing implant.

Wrong Station

You have to issue the contract while being docked in K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose.


Asking for 30 implants per day…

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