The Brave Dojo - Planetary Interaction Program

The BRAVE Dojo offers free PI Command Centres & Epithal's for Alliance members!

What is PI?

PI stands for Planetary Interaction. Here are a couple of guides to get you started:

Wiki PI Guide

Planetary Interaction for Dummies


This program has some basic rules:

  • You are only allowed to ask for a maximum of 6 Command Centers & 1 Epithal (unfitted) per character. (In the one contract)
  • Requests for Command Centers & Epithals must be done in a separate contract and not together with implants or skillbooks.

It's just like the skillbook program except you request Command Centers & an Epithal instead! (updated infographic to come)

  1. Go to GE-8JV - SOTA FACTORY
  2. Click the neocom in the top left corner (three horizontal lines)
  3. Select Business, then Contracts
  4. On the Start Page, click Create Contract
  5. Select Item Exchange
  6. Select Private
  7. Fill in The Brave Dojo
  8. Select Next
  9. Set Location in dropdown as GE-8JV - SOTA FACTORY
  10. Ignore Pick Items, select Next
  11. Set Expiration as 1 week
  12. Check "Also Request items from buyer"
  13. Add the type of Command Centers you require and the quantity
  14. Only 6 Command Centers per character
  15. Add an Epithal if you need one as well
  16. 1 Epithal per character
  17. Select Next
  18. Double check contract details
  19. Select Finish

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