Your Core Services Account manages your access to Brave Services. You need to set this up for even the most basic access to our services, so make sure to do this before completing any further steps.

  1. Click LOG IN With EVE Online and login to your main account.
  2. Select your main character and click Authorize in the bottom right corner.
  3. Now that you're logged in, click LOG IN With EVE Online again and repeat steps 2 and 3 for all your alt characters.

Be advised that you're required to maintain valid tokens on all your characters to access our services. If one or more goes invalid you'll receive an in-game mail informing you. If the characters in question aren't re-authorized within a day or two services access will be automatically revoked until they are. Active players who don't re-authorize their characters for an extended period may be removed from the alliance.

Guided Walkthrough

To get setup, click the button below that describes the corp or alliance you joined.

I'm in the 'Brave Collective' Alliance

I'm in the 'Brave Empire' Corporation

Communications Services List

If you're familiar with what you have access to already and just want a list of all our services, you can follow the link below:

Communication Resources


The Brave Collective wiki is Brave's Knowledge Hub. It contains many pages that are only accessible by authorized users, along with some public ones (including the one you're reading right now). Within the wiki you can find guides on many aspects of Eve, player run programs and sigs to help you prosper as an Eve Player, along with resources such as fleet doctrine fits and skillplans.

If you haven't already, make sure to read through the New To Brave page for help moving in and getting involved!


The Brave Collective forums are where you can read the latest announcements from alliance leadership and engage in discussions with alliance members. Please go to your Brave Core Service Account to the Services → Forum page to create a forum account and to read the instructions for using the forums.

These applications can be setup now or authorized later on as needed. Be advised that corporations outside of the Brave Collective alliance may not be able to access all of them.

Ship Replacement Program

The Brave Collective SRP Website lets you apply for alliance reimbursement for the loss of your ship when you participate in fleets that are covered by SRP. You can also view the full details of our SRP Program here.

Intel Map

The SMT App provides visual information about the movements of hostile players reported by alliance and coalition members. It is a tool that works a bit differently than previous intel map tools.

Keep in mind that you need chat logging enabled in game settings for it to work.

For more information about the tool head over to EVE Forums post


BraveBucks is a program which pays you for ratting and destroying enemy ships within specific areas of our space. How much you get is dependent on what you destroyed, how many people helped you, and what system you were in at the time. You can setup BraveBucks here. Contact Avend Avalhar on slack in case of issues.

Ping Board

The Brave Collective Ping Board application displays a list of timers and events that may be of relevance to the alliance. It also lets you send pings to Slack for fleets and other events.

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