Applied to Join Brave?

Welcome! This page is designed to get you ready to move to our space in nullsec, and to help you get settled in once you're here!

If at any point you'd like some assistance, you can get it in any of the following ways:

  • In-Game: Join the Brave Dojo Chat Channel.
  • On Mumble: Join the Brave Collective » General » Dojo - Ask questions here Channel.
  • On Slack: Ask in the #dojo Public Channel.

While you're waiting to be accepted to the alliance, please read the Basic Null Survival Guide to get more familiar with some of the unique mechanics of lawless null security space.

To Bulk Ship Your Assets

We currently recommend packing light when shipping items to NullSec. Bring what you think you'll make use of, and leave anything else in HighSec. When you've decided what you want to bring, follow the steps below to prep your items for shipping:

  1. Move whatever you want to ship to Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy.
    1. You can use public hauling contracts, or a service like Red Frog or PushX. Always Properly Collateralize Your Contracts!
  2. Make sure any ships you want shipped are packaged. Repackaging a fit ship will destroy the rigs.
  3. Once you've accepted your invite, follow the instructions in the below section to ship your items to our staging.

To Sell Assets

The best place to sell your assets in highsec is going to be one of the following stations (usually whichever is closer):

  • Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.
  • Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy

You can sell items immediately for their buy price or make use of a few of your market slots for sell orders if any buy prices are too low. You can evaluate the values of a large amounts of items by using the Goonpraisal.

High Security Space (1.0 to 0.5)

War targets in high security space can almost always be found camping the major trade hubs such as Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens and Hek. Although you can use insta-dock and insta-undock bookmarks to use the major trade hubs, you are still at risk of losing your ship. If you want to use the major trade hubs after joining us, we highly recommend that you create a neutral alt for this purpose.

Besides war targets, if you are flying an industrial ship in high security space you also need to be aware of suicide gankers. These are players who will attack you even though they know that they will lose their ships to CONCORD. Their goal is to destroy your ship and hope that any valuable items that you have in your cargo hold drop so that they can loot them using an alt. The best way to deter suicide gankers is to be sensible about the value of the items in your cargo hold.

Low Security Space (0.4 to 0.1)

CONCORD will not intervene when players fight each other in low security space. However, gate or station guns will attack you if you attack a player who is not a legal target within their 150 km range. You will also lose your security status whenever you attack an illegal target.

In addition to war targets and suicide gankers, when you are traveling through low security space you also have to be aware of gate camps, especially those with insta-lockers or smartbombers. Rancer and Tama are low security space systems that are notorious for being camped by pirates.

Null Security Space (0.0 to -1.0)

There is no CONCORD in null security space, which means that you do not get attacked by gate or station guns, or lose your security status when you attack another player. When you are in null security space, assume that all neutrals are hostile. You also have to be aware of bubbles that can be anchored or launched by certain ships because they will prevent you from warping if you are in them.

Additionally, when you are traveling through null security space, you will not be able to dock in any station owned by a player corporation or alliance unless your corporation or alliance has the appropriate standings or that station is in Freeport Mode.

Brave like most major alliances is perpetually war-decced by ganking groups. In null security space this has no impact on us, but in high and low security space this allows certain ganking groups to attack us at will without interference from CONCORD.

Due to wardecs, highsec and especially the areas around the major trade hubs are not safe for characters within the alliance. If you'd like to continue to operate out of highsec, we recommend putting a character into an NPC corporation or our official highsec corporation: Brave Empire.

If you're reading this it's safe to assume you've just joined the Brave Collective, welcome aboard! We look forward to flying with you. Please read through the following and complete each step to get ready for life in Brave.

Before you do anything else, please take the time to Setup Our IT Services. You won't be able to fully interact with or participate in Brave until this is done. This setup will allow you to access our voice communications, get notified of outgoing fleets, communicate with other members, and stay up to date on alliance announcements.

Shipping Your Assets to Nullsec

If you prepared any assets for shipping via the instructions in the above section, you can now get them shipped down to NullSec!

To do this, create a courier contract using the BRAVE Freight Calculator to our staging of K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose.

Getting to Our Staging

Make sure to restart your client after joining Brave Collective. Otherwise, pilots that are friendly/blue will show up as neutral on your overview!

You've got 2 options for getting to our space: You can either Remotely Death Clone to our staging, or fly there in person.

Remote Death Clone

This mechanic allows you to remotely change your death clone (medical clone) location to anywhere in Eve that your corporation has an office in. However it can only be done once a year if your character is older than one month. This option is best for new players and those who don't have anything they want to manually fly into our space.

  1. While docked in a station or citadel, open the Clone Bay interface which can be found in the Station Services window.
  2. Under Medical Clone select Change Station.
  3. In the list of Corporation Offices find K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose and click Set Home Station.
  4. Back under the Clone Bay interface, click Self-Destruct. This will destroy any implants you currently have plugged in!
Flying In
The highsec route into our space is often camped by hostiles. If you value the ship you're flying in it's highly recommended to scout yourself through the nullsec pipe to our space, or ask Brave Standing Fleet if the area is clear.

The easiest way to fly to our staging is currently to enter Querious through the lowsec connection in Kaira or Efa. For some more information to help you stay safe in nullsec, check out A BRAVE Guide to Surviving Nullsec.

  1. Make your way to the system of Agil in the region of Khanid.
    1. Before continuing, we recommend setting your medical clone to one of the citadels in this system, in case you get podded before you get to our staging.
  2. Set your destination and fly to K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose.
    1. Make use of the in-game shared bookmarks and travel to gate tacticals instead of gate to gate.
  3. Once docked up, open up the Clone Bay interface and set that structure as your home station.

Check Out Our Dojo Programs

The Brave Dojo is a great resource for learning about the game or even just getting more familiar with the way the alliance operates. You can find us in the Brave Dojo channel in game, Brave Collective » General » Dojo - Ask questions here on Mumble, or #dojo on Slack.

Make sure to take advantage of the many Free Services offered by the Dojo!

Get to Know Your Corporation

Once you've arrived, take the time to get to know what the corporation that you have joined is doing. Since each corporation does things differently, some good ways to find out what you need to know are to read the Welcome Mail that you received when you joined, check the Corp Chat Channel's MOTD, or to simply ask other corporation members using either your corporation's voice chat channel or the in-game Corp chat channel.

Get Up to Speed On Current Events

The best place to learn everything you need to know about what's going on is our Standing Orders page. It lists our current staging systems, current alliance priorities, popular methods of making ISK in Brave, and members of alliance leadership.

Some other things you may want to check out are the BRAVE Alliance Rules along with the Announcement Section of Our Forums.

Train to Use Our Alliance Doctrines

We have a robust set of Alliance Skillplans for every doctrine ship that Brave currently employs. Start training today!

A full list of our doctrines can be found on our Alliance Fleet Doctrines page, and if you'd like to know what doctrine ships should be in each staging you can check out the Alliance Hangarlist.

Learn About Our Member-Run Programs

Along with some programs maintained by the alliance, Brave also plays host to tons of privately operated programs run by our membership. Check out the links below for more information.

Buyback Programs are services that "buy back" any excess/unwanted stuff you have acquired during your day-to-day EVE activities, and can save you the hassle of selling stuff yourself or exporting it to high-sec. Some services are specific to certain items while others buy almost anything.

The Production and Processing Services page lists a few different kinds of services. This includes Production Services, Blueprint Copy (BPC) Stockpiles, and High-Skill Ore Reprocessing Services.

Hauling services can be used to haul your items to, from, and within our space. Procurement services acquire items from highsec that you may not be able to easily get down in nullsec.

Once you've settled in and have taken a little time to orient and familiarize yourself with alliances services, jump right into doing things with the alliance. What you do is entirely up to you - Brave has regular fleets, mining operations, special interest groups and more!

Join Standing Fleet

Whether you're interested in PVP or just out to go mining or ratting and make a bit of ISK, you'll want to join standing fleet whenever you're out in Brave Space. The fleet provides mutual protection from hostile ships and is a great place to get your feet wet with PVP or just make a bit of ISK for your next organized fleet. This fleet is usually called Brave Standing Fleet.

You'll also want to be on Standing Comms, the Brave Mumble channel for which is Brave Collective » General » Armada (Standing) (Family) » Querious 1.

Join Organized Fleets

Brave has tons of fleets going out every day, and you're welcome to join them. All of our fleets (with the exception of bombing or black ops) are new player and alpha friendly, so don't hesitate to join!

Notifications for pings can be found in Dedicated Ping Channels on the Brave Slack.

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