Brave Empire

Brave Empire is the Brave Collective's war-free Highsec corporation. We exist to offer a softer starting point for new players who are just getting into the game as well as a way for established veterans to operate freely in highsec while still having access to all of the Brave Alliance's space and services. We are new-player focused and seek to offer a broad introduction to all Eve has to offer with regular fleets, classes and even free ships and implants.

Internal Resources

External Resources

  • Please see the Brave Dojo for recorded classes and information!

Name Position Contact
Max Skysprinter Empire's Emperor Max Dawntreader on Slack, Maximus_Primus#4085 on Discord
Katalya Myst CEO Emeritus
Jinx De'Caire Director Jinx De'Caire on Slack
Jana Halley Director Jana Halley on Slack

Just hit the button below for instructions.

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