Brave Empire Logistics

Brave Empire operates a full array of corporation logistics services from our staging systems in Lonetrek and Derelik. These services allow us to live on the highsec island in Lonetrek self-sufficiently and maintain a dedicated supply line to our second staging in Derelik and Brave Collective in Pure Blind.

Looking to get your goods in or out of the island in Lonetrek? Brave Empire Logistics provides hauling at competitive rates for routes between Brave Empire's stagings in Lonetrek and Derelik, Brave Collective nullsec space in Pure Blind, Jita, and anywhere on the highsec island in Lonetrek.


  • Maximum 3 billion ISK collateral
  • No containers or assembled ships


Jita, Perimeter, and select locations in lowsec and nullsec (see Delivery/Pickup Locations for acceptable stations) to any dockable highsec station in the Lonetrek highsec island:

12,500 m3 / 1B ISK: 25M ISK
12,500 m3 / 2B ISK: 50M ISK
12,500 m3 / 3B ISK: 75M ISK

Intra-island (any dockable station to any dockable station in the Lonetrek highsec island):

1,000,000 m3 / 1B ISK: 5M ISK - Including Oishami-Atai

In-system Oishami:

1,000,000 m3 / 1B ISK: 1M ISK

Delivery/Pickup Locations


  • Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
  • Oishami - All Brave Structures


  • Karjataimon - Karjalanpiirakka Bread Pings - Rm (CALCULATOR)


Name Position Contact
Cynfin Hauling Partner Slack: @Cynfin
Bokobo Shahni Hauling Partner Slack: @Bokobo Shahni
  1. Create an appraisal from EVEPraisal or Janice
  2. Add 10% to the total Jita Sell or specify 110% in the appraisal tool to determine the proper collateral
  3. Copy the URL to the appraisal to your clipboard
  4. Refer to the Rates in this section to determine the appropriate reward
  5. Create a courier contract in-game to Brave Empire Logistics with the reward from the rate table and Jita Sell Total + 10% from the calculator, and paste the link to the appraisal in the contract description. Always use an expiry date of 7 days and allow 3 days for completion.
Need a fast and safe way for moving small cargo volumes from null and back? Can you fly a Bloackade Runner? Well, you've come to the right place. Brave Empire Logistics offer a blops bridging service from Oishami → Q-5211 and Q-5211 → Ohbochi (2 jumps from Oishami). This is a free of charge service, funded by Brave Empire.


  • Fly a Blockade Runner or another Covops Cloak capable ship
    BEL supplies the bridging ships and the cynos.



Bridging Locations

  • Q-5211 - Broadcast4reps
  • Oishami - Cynfin's Island Hut

Name Position Contact
Cynfin Bridger Extraordinaire Slack: @Cynfin

Contact Cynfin via slack or ingame to setup the bridge.

The Q-5211 → Ohbochi will land in a safe in the Ohbochi system. Is has no tether, and no dockable structures. We never user the same safe twice, and you should, immediately after being bridged, jump into the Elanoda system, which is Highsec.

Want to liquidate your loot in Lonetrek without risking a trip off the island or dealing with the hassle of export costs and sell orders? Brave Empire Logistics will buy back anything you have on the island at 90% Jita Buy.

Qualifying Items

  • Everything!


90% Jita Buy

Accepted Locations

Any dockable highsec station or structure in the Lonetrek highsec island

Name Position Contact
Cynfin Buyback Operator Slack: @Cynfin
  1. Create an appraisal from EVEPraisal or Janice
  2. subtract 10% from the total Jita Buy or specify 90% in the appraisal tool to determine the ISK you will receive
  3. Copy the URL to the appraisal to your clipboard
  4. Send an item exchange contract from one of our accepted locations to Brave Empire Logistics with the link to the appraisal in the description, and the 90% Jita Buy total as the amount of ISK for you to receive
Brave Empire Logistics provides low-cost reprocessing with maximum reprocessing skills and implants in Lonetrek and Derelik at any Brave Empire structures with reprocessing facilities.


Our reprocessing character has a +4 implant at all serviced locations and level V skills in the following:

  • Dark Ochre
  • Gneiss
  • Hedbergite
  • Hemorphite
  • Ice
  • Jaspet
  • Kernite
  • Omber
  • Plagioclase
  • Pyroxeres
  • Scordite
  • Veldspar
  • Ubiquitous Moon Ore (Zeolites, Sylite, Bitumens, and Coesite)

We can also reprocess the following but with skills at the level listed:

  • Arkonor (IV)
  • Bistot (IV)
  • Crokite (IV)
  • Mercoxit (IV)
  • Spodumain (IV)
  • Exceptional Moon Ore (IV)
  • Rare Moon Ore (IV)
  • Uncommon Moon Ore (IV)
  • Scrapmetal (IV)


Reprocessing Fee Only: Ubiquitous moon ore (Zeolites, Sylvite, Bitumens, and Coesite) and highsec asteroid ore (Veldspar, Plagioclase, Pyroxeres, Scordite)

2% of Output Materials: All other ice and ore types

Excess ore that can't be processed will be returned!

Accepted Locations

Reprocessing rates varies by structure.

Name Position Contact
Phelics Achasse Reprocessing Operator Slack: @rwillems01
  1. Create an item exchange contract for your items at the reprocessing station (see Accepted Locations) to Brave Empire Logistics for 0 ISK with Reprocessing as the description.
  2. We will reprocess the goods and deliver the materials back to you, with the reprocessing fee in the return contract, and/or the 2% output quantity deducted from applicable goods. You will also receive back any excess material that could not be reprocessed.
Need a large ship to mine with on the island and don't want to risk a crossing through the lowsec border? Brave Empire Logistics Shipyard keeps a regular stock of T1 industrials, and mining barges to order.

Brave Empire Logistics Shipyard Price Sheet



  • Epithal
  • Iteron Mark V
  • Kryos
  • Miasmos
  • Nereus
  • Ventrue
  • Retriever
  • Covetor
  • Procurer
  • Sigil


  • [Empire] Venture T1 Ore Fit
  • [Empire] Procurer Ice T1
  • [Empire] Procurer Ice T2
  • [Empire] Procurer Ore T1
  • [Empire] Procurer Ore T2

Delivery times are generally within 24-48 hours for most orders.


See the price sheet for current prices.

Delivery Locations

  • Oishami - Empire of Industry

Name Position Contact
Phelics Achasse Shipyard Operator Slack: @rwillems01
  1. Visit the Brave Empire Logistics Shipyard Price List for an up to date list of available ships.
  2. Submit the Shipyard Order form.
  3. We'll send you an EVEmail when your order is confirmed or if we have any additional questions.
  4. Ships will be delivered via item exchange contract at Oishami - Empire of Industry.
Want to do industry on the island in Lonetrek? All members of Brave Empire are eligible for Brave Empire Logistics' blueprint program, which provides free T1 and T2 BPCs for the majority of the ships, components, materials, charges, and ammunition used in both Brave Empire and Brave Collective fittings.

Brave Empire Logistics Blueprint List


We offer BPCs for nearly all of the ships, modules, ammunition, charges, and materials needed for Brave alliance military doctrines and Brave Empire corporation fittings, plus many more.


Free for Brave Empire members living in our highsec island in Lonetrek.

Delivery Locations

  • Oishami VII - Moon 12 - Minedrill Mining Outpost

Name Position Contact
Bokobo Shahni Blueprint Program Manager Slack: @Bokobo Shahni
  1. Visit the Brave Empire Logistics Blueprint List for an up to date inventory of available blueprints.
  2. Message Bokobo Shahni on Slack and state which BPCs you want and how many of each.
  3. Blueprints will be delivered via item exchange contract at Oishami VII - Moon 12 - Minedrill Mining Outpost.

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