Brave Empire: What To Do

One of the most attractive aspects of EVE is the limitless potential for what you can become. Everyone starts from the same beginning, the same empty wallet and rookie ship, but after that it’s up to you. You can become a space dictator or space diplomat; a miner or mover; a hired-gun or a contract killer. Wait, those last two are the same thing. Never mind.

While there are many, many corporations and alliances within the game that specialise in perhaps one or two aspects of gameplay, one of the things that makes Brave special is that you can choose to play the game however you want to, with the only caveat that we insist you are having fun while doing it. ‘Maximising fun-per-hour’ is not just a catchy slogan, it is core to our purpose.

Let’s have a look at what you could be doing right now.

Brave Empire stages out of Oishami which is part of a High Security group of systems in Lonetrek constellation, surrounded by Low Security systems. You will often see the term "Lonetrek Island" being used for those highsec systems. Being cut off via lowsec offers protection as it diminishes the number of wandering pilots and you get to know the locals. It also means that you need to cross the dangerous lowsec systems yourself when entering or leaving the island!

Once you have moved to Oishami, you may either use the NPC Station Oishami VII - Moon 12 - Minedrill Mining Outpost, or one of the numerous Athanor stations to stage out from. Use the Empire of Industry Raitaru if you wish to start building things via Industry.

The fastest way to cross over to the island, is to travel via Aunenen, which is a lowsec system that is more often than not camped. It is not a good idea to cross via this system without a sub 2 sec aligning ship or using the cloak trick. It is much safer to Avoid Aunenen by right clicking the system in the game map (default: F10) and choosing “Avoid Aunenen”. This means that you will have to cross 3 lowsec systems instead of one (Kinakka, Raihbaka and Ohbochi). However, those systems are not camped almost continuously like Aunenen.

Alternatively, you may wish to use the mechanic of Remote Death Cloning to move to Oishami. Make sure to ask for a Venture handout when you arrive if you are a new bro!

Read more about safely travelling between Highsec and Lowsec

You have safely passed through the scary Low Security systems and you are now at Oishami.

You may need new ships hauled in or built locally.

You may need to reprocess or sell to a buyback your hard earned ore (or ice or gas).

You may need BPCs in order to use the Raitaru and start building stuff yourself.

You may even need to have a BLOPs Battleship bridge your Blockade Runner to our Nullsec space.

Brave Empire Logistics has you covered! Don't hesitate to ask for help in using the services provided at #brave-empire at slack or the in game corp chat.

Money makes the world go round. And keeps the servers running. If you’re not rolling in it in real-life, you probably won’t be trading PLEX as income, so finding a reliable income stream is key to keeping EVE a game and not a chore.

While shooting rocks for hours on end isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, it’s a reliable source of ISK and a crucial way to contribute to the alliance — without materials we can’t build all of the ships we need to fly and explode. But it’s also a great time to chill on comms with corpmates, discuss fittings or strategies, and occasionally kill wannabe hotdroppers that poke your bait Procurer if you happen to be mining in nullsec.

Also, it’s not just rocks that can be mined. Ice mining is profitable and contributes to fuel, while gas mining can both find you venturing into wormholes in search of valuable gas clouds, and experimenting with the manufacture of booster drugs, a crucial part of some fits.

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Of course, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make money — both for yourself and the alliance — is through ratting: killing NPC ships in asteroid belts or cosmic anomalies. As well as bringing in ISK, in null it also raises the ADM (Activity Defense Multiplier) of the system you’re in, making it much harder for enemies to capture our space (or “entosis our sov” in EVE lingo) … so make sure you spread the love around!

Newer players can acquire a free ratting ship from the Brave Dojo, along with tips for its use; then, when you’ve got to grips with the mechanics of dealing with dozens of rats at a time, you might graduate to even larger ships, as you take on ever increasingly challenging anomalies. Eventually you can graduate to running incursions, wormhole escalations, even perhaps carrier ratting if you’re extra-Brave.

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If you’re more the stay-at-home type, then perhaps manufacturing and industry is more your speed. Strike deals with local miners for materials, decide what blueprints are most in demand by the alliance, and get those production furnaces burning. Shipping can be expensive, so local manufacture, especially of ship hulls, can be extremely profitable without needing to overcharge your corpmates. And every time someone loses a ship they’re going to need to replace not just that hull, but guns, ammo and modules as well.

After a while, you might even decide to venture into T2 manufacture, a complex web of skills and invention percentage balancing that can (if the random number gods are on your side) bring in huge profits.

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While the storytelling might never challenge the likes of The Witcher or Skyrim, just like every other MMO EVE Online contains NPC quests. Agents of the multifarious NPC corporations live in New Eden's network of stations, and offer missions of increasing difficulty and reward, from level 1 up to level 5. Depending on the type of mission running you enter into, you might find yourself mining, moving livestock or prisoners, rescuing captives, or shooting pirates – all for rewards that can be spent in the NPC corporation's "Loyalty Point Store", the source for all faction items.

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If you prefer to work alone, then exploration might be your favoured option. Fly solo through system after system, scanning for the abandoned structures that can be looted for valuable materials. It’s a great chance to really hone your solo skills; in low or nullsec, avoiding gate camps and explorer hunters will teach you the importance of the d-scan and how to avoid the bad guys, and the occasional big score will make up for any losses.

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Finally, someone needs to move all that stuff around that everyone else's activities are generating. Courier contracts are a reliable source of easy ISK, assuming you have access to a large enough cargo hold; train into a freighter or jump freighter to shift huge loads around the universe on behalf of the alliance. Alternatively, the cloak-enabled T2 haulers like the Blockade Runner and Deep Space Transport can have you diving deep into dangerous territory to deliver your precious cargo.

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In an entirely player-owned sandbox game with tens of thousands of real participants, someone has to make the occasional decision about where to go and what to do. While Brave’s directors and department heads are some of our most experienced players, there is always the opportunity for anyone to step up and take the reins.

Brave Empire encourages any and all pilots to explore the hobby of exploding ships for pleasure. Our staging in Riavayed is well placed for roaming; it's close to Amarr for a market hub, several lowsec pockets as well as Providence nullsec. Any member can ping for a fleet in #brave-empire-pings on Slack, and make use of Brave Empire's corp channel on Mumble. The corporation also has frigate and destroyer handouts available for fleets, just ask any Empire Mentor or in #brave-empire on Slack! If you manage to secure a kill on an Empire character, message Max Dawntreader on Slack or send an in-game mail to Max Skysprinter with a link to your killmail/zKill, and you will be the proud owner of a corp medal!

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EVE is hard. Like, really hard. And it’s also pretty unforgiving when you inevitably make mistakes. Since Brave attracts more than its fair share of newer players, volunteering to teach classes to newbros is one of the most useful ways to help the alliance and get your name known. The Brave Dojo, our education division, runs the class schedule, but anyone can give a class, on any topic they think other players will find interesting. Make sure you let Empire leadership and the Dojo know in advance, since they can help with organising and publicising your class; they can even provide ships to use, should it be necessary.

The work that goes into running an alliance of several thousand people is complex and challenging, from keeping our IT infrastructure (Jabber, Mumble, Core, the wiki, etc.) up and running, to coordinating with multiple different player groups to organise fights or manage standings and recruitment. But for some people — and maybe for you — it’s an aspect of gameplay that contributes to making EVE unlike any other game you’ll ever play.

Be Brave

These are just some of the possibilities open to you within EVE’s original and best new-player-friendly alliance. Your EVE experience is what you make it — it’s up to you to find your own niche and carve out your own destiny.

And always remember that you’re Brave: stay classy, have fun, never not undock, and fly dangerous.


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