Brave Empire maintains several structures for use by members of Brave United & Brave Collective. You can find a list of structures and their uses below.

Location Structure Name TypeUses Rigs
KeberzEmpire ReforgedAzbelClone Bay, Manufacturing, Research Lab, Invention Lab
KeberzJinxed It -RAthanor Reprocessing, Moon Drill
KeberzEmperor's RestAthanorMoon Drill
KeberzDarkside of the GooAthanorMoon Drill
KeberzCynfin's Moon MansionAthanorMoon Drill
KeberzJacket's Home Away from HomeAthanorMoon Drill
KeberzHallucinator's Retirement FundAthanorMoon Drill
KeberzIt's Made of CheeseAthanorMoon Drill
KeberzMax made me do itAthanorMoon Drill
NourbalBravest EmpireAthanorMoon Drill
NikhMax's Couch - RAthanorReprocessing, Clone Bay T1 Moon, Ore, Ice Rigs
NikhReturn of the HallucinatoriumRaitaruManufacturing, Research, Copying, Invention T1 Invention, ME, TE Accelerator Rigs
JanusMoon PuncherAthanorMoon Drill
JanusThe Three StoogesAthanorMoon Drill
Brah (WH)Corben's Moving CastleReprocessing, Manufacturing (POCOS: 1, 2, 3, 9, 10)

The moons in Janus currently operate on a 2 week pull schedule, popping on Tuesday afternoon.

Moons in Keberz will likely follow suit. A set day/time has not yet been selected

Remember to be in Standing Fleet to take advantage of any boosts! Each system with moon mining in it will have at minimum one structure with reprocessing.

Upcoming moon pop times can easily be viewed at:

The moons are scheduled to pop on the following days:


Moon Puncher
The Three Stooges

Check #brave-empire-pings on slack for notifications about it!

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