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Welcome to the Brave Collective wiki. All pages in the public namespace are open to everyone. To view pages not in the public namespace, you need to authorize the wiki using your Eve Online account.

New to Eve?

The Brave Collective is an alliance that focuses exclusively on providing players who are new to EVE Online with an environment where they can have fun as they learn more about the game. Click the above button for more information about Eve for new players.

Join Brave

Interested in joining Brave Collective? Click the above button for important information on how to apply to join.

New to the Alliance?

Welcome to Brave Collective! We are excited to have you fly with us. What you need to do next is just click the link above and follow the steps on that page. Once you have done this, you should be ready to go out and have some fun!

Standing Orders

Whatever you enjoy doing in Brave, we as an alliance need to make sure we're ready for anything. The link above contains our standing orders, and will explain where you should have your doctrine ships, our current goals, and any general information that everyone should be aware of.

The Brave Dojo

If you have come for information about some aspect of EVE Online, the Dojo Wiki is probably where you want to go. In addition to our wiki articles, you can also find scheduled and recorded classes, video tutorials as well as programs that are offered to alliance members by the Brave Dojo.

Alpha Clones

Whether you're a brand new player or a returning Brave pilot, we accept applications from all levels of account, including Alpha Clones. If you're an Alpha player, click the above button for more information relevant succeeding in Eve as an Alpha player.

Joining with a Corporation

Information on the benefits, requirements and process for joining Brave Collective as a Corporation.
Quick Links

Useful links for Brave alliance services and out of game tools.