• Brave Collective Core Services
    Use this site to get your credentials for the Brave Mumble Server, sign up for our Slack workspace and get a forum account.
  • Mumble registration
    This pages lists your connections details for Mumble, which is where we coordinate in-game.
  • Brave Collective Slack Workspace
    This is our Slack workspace, where we do the vast majority of our coordination and chatting on the day-to-day.
  • Brave Collective Forums
    The forums are where you can find our announcements and other things requiring a more permanent home than Slack.
  • Brave D-Scan Tool
    Post D-Scans, Local Scans, and Fleet Scans here!
  • SMT
    This map links with our intel channels to give an overview of known hostiles in our space, it also shows jump bridges dotlan and Zkill feeds and many other things. NOTE chat logs need to be enabled in game settings for it to work.
  • Brave Collective Ping Tool and Timer Board
    This site allows you to send pings for fleets and HR/Diplo and contains timers for upcoming OPs.
  • Brave Logistics Freight Calculator
    Use this site to calculate the cost for Brave Little Toaster to freight your items.
  • Brave Bucks
    Brave Bucks pays you for PvP and PvE in our space!
  • Brave Moon Site
    The Moon Site contains timers for our public moons, a list of all Rentable moons in our space, and reports on your characters' moon mining taxes.
  • Praise Form
    If you like something someone did, let leadership know!

  • DOTLAN :: EveMaps
    DOTLAN provides up-to-date geographic information for every system in Eve, has stats on all alliances and their corporations, and can be used to plan travel routes.
  • zKillboard
    zKillboard records almost every player ship destroyed in Eve.
  • EVE-Marketer
    Eve-Marketer shows you an out of game view of all public (and some non-public) markets.
  • EVEMon
    EVEMon is a tool primarily designed to assist you in skill training.
  • Evepraisal
    Evepraisal can provide a quick valuation of anything sold on the market.
  • Lazy Blacksmith
    Lazy Blacksmith is a tool to help you manufacture, copy, and research Blueprints.
  • Eve Who
    Eve Who provides membership and player stats for almost every corporation and alliance in Eve.
  • Pyfa
    Pyfa is an out of game fitting simulation tool.
  • Fuzzworks
    Fuzzworks hosts a bunch of industry related tools.
  • Tweetfleet Slack Inviter
    The Tweetfleet Slack is where developers and fans from all over Eve come to talk and ask questions.
  • Awesome Apps & Tools
    This github repository has all sorts of awesome tools for Eve.

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