BRAVE Freight

BRAVE provides an alliance Jump Freighting service to its members. This document describes how to use the service and the rules for its use. Any questions? Ask in #hauling on Slack!

Assets still in Cloud Ring? Consider checking with Imperial Transcontinental Logistics for JF service.

The BRAVE Freight Calculator lists the available systems as defined below. Additional systems may be serviced with manual reward calculations.

High Security

Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy

Keberz - PushX Freeport Mailbox
:!: Alert: Edencom Fortress system
(BRAVE citadels also valid)

Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant


K7D-II - Mothership Bellicose - BRAVE-owned Keepstar
BRAVE's staging

H-4R6Z - BRAVE-owned Tatara & Sotiyos

P-ZMZV - Dracarys Prime - Dracarys-owned Keepstar


1DQ1-A - 1-st Imperial Palace - Goonswarm-owned Keepstar

Contracts which don't comply with these rules are subject to cancellation and possible penalty fees. READ CAREFULLY

Source and Destination

Contracts MUST be from and to destinations described in the Service Area above. Contracts to unserviced locations will be rejected.

Expiration and Days to complete

All contracts MUST be set to 1 week expiration and 3 days to complete. This is to ensure issues outside the haulers control don't cause the contracts to expire/fail.

If you need quicker service, providing a bonus in your reward will almost always cause contracts to move quicker. Feel free to ask in #hauling, if someone will be making a trip in the near future

Assembled Containers and Ships

DO NOT INCLUDE ASSEMBLED CONTAINERS OR SHIPS IN YOUR CONTRACTS. Thanks to CCP, doing so requires our haulers to fly their contracting character to both endpoints to manually trade the courier contract to their hauler, something that at the very least takes a lot of time, and in some cases may be impossible.

Because this is such a pain, and because people do it way more often than they should given the big red letters on the BRAVE Freight Calculator, and because we frequently end up having to spend time arguing with people about this, we are now charging a 50,000,000 ISK penalty for wasting everyones time. The BRAVE Freight contractor will fail the contract, which will deposit the collateral into your account. They will then item exchange contract the courier contract contents back to you for the collateral + 50m ISK. You MUST accept this contract if you'd like to continue using the BRAVE Freight service.

Once you've accepted the item exchange contract, you can re-create your courier contract WITHOUT the assembled containers or ships.

Collateralizing Contracts

Correctly collateralizing your contracts protects the contents from being stolen and lets the hauler know how much risk they are taking on in accepting the contract. If a contract is not delivered, you will receive the collateral as compensation for your items.

Collateral MUST be set to at least the Jita Sell Janice value of the contents, and it's suggested that you add 5-10% on top of that value to account for changes in value. You MUST include an Janice link for the items in your courier contract description. For items that aren't correctly valued by Janice, such as extremely rare items or researched BPO/BPC, you should do research in public contracts to try to correctly value them.

Use the BRAVE Freight Calculator to calculate the correct reward.


BRAVE Freight uses the below formula to calculate the hauling fee. This formula attempts to capture the haulers costs/risk and reward them appropriately while remaining affordable for the average line member and providing a timely service. If you are a regular high collateral importer, you should consider getting your own jump freighter and joining us.

We use the distance between departure and arrival as the main variable to establish price. Two modifiers are calculated, Volume and Collateral, and the fee is then multiplied by whichever modifier is higher.

Reward = Distance in Light Years ✕ 10,000,000 X max(volume/260000, collateral/6000000000)

Collateral Modifier

The collateral modifier is calculated by dividing the contract collateral by the Recommended Maximum Collateral for a contract (6,000,000,000 ISK). This potentially reduces the cost for shipping partial jump freighter loads between hub systems. If the contract collateral is higher than the Recommended Maximum Collateral, it increase the fee linearly to account for the additional collateral risk to the hauler.

Max Volume and the Recommended Max Collateral are defined on the BRAVE Freight Calculator

A Note on Calculator Max Values

Our Maximum Volume is chosen based on the lowest common denominator of available volume in the jump freighters our pilots fly. This ensures any of our pilots can haul any contract. DO NOT GO ABOVE THE MAX VOLUME UNLESS YOU'VE SPOKEN WITH THE HAULER THAT WILL BE HAULING YOUR CONTRACT PRIOR TO CREATING IT.

Our Recommended Max Collateral is not a hard limit! BRAVE Freight haulers are expected to keep the Recommended Max Collateral ISK liquid, ensuring any of our pilots can haul any contract. You can put higher collateral on the contract, but it will cost you more, as per the above formula, and fewer pilots will be able to haul it, so it may take longer.

Penalty Fees

Be sure to read the Rules section to understand any penalties you may be assessed if you don't follow the rules

Go to Neocom / Business / Contracts and click on Create Contract:

  • Contract Type: Courier
  • Availability: Private
  • Name: Brave Little Toaster.
  • Click next
  • Select: Brave Little Toaster. (The dot is important. Be sure you're assigning to the Brave Little Toaster. corp in Brave United)
  • Click next
  • Select station and items
  • Click next
  • Ship To: Supported station (use calculator)
  • Reward: See the Fees section above and the BRAVE Freight Calculator
  • Collateral: Set to at least the Janice Jita Sell value of the contracted items. See the above section on Collateralizing Contracts
  • Expiration: 7 days
  • Days to complete: 3 days
  • Description: Include a link to an Janice of the contents of your contract
  • Click next
  • Double check contract details
  • Click finish

You can apply to join Brave Freight here

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