How to get to Brave HQ as a new member

This guide gives you some advice on how to get to our current home system. It is designed to help you get there; we don't guarantee you will make it.

Brave is currently moving to the Querious region of New Eden. The core locations are:

  • Home Staging - K7D-II - Broadcast4Reps

You may not want to move absolutely everything you own out to null-sec. Since all of our space is in "sov-null" (i.e. owned by player groups, not NPCs), it can be taken away by anyone who can beat us. For a full list of doctrine ships and where they should be kept, see the Alliance Hangar List.

If you have ships and things you want to bring down with you or store outside of our home in null-sec, Jita is our Logistics staging system. From here you can use our logistics services to jump things straight to our home system without the risk of it being an expensive killmail.

To travel to your new home in nullsec, you have two possible options:

1. You can remotely change your home station, then self-destruct to 'death-clone' to K7D-II. Note that players older than 1 month in-game can only perform this action once every 365 days. If you choose this route, you cannot take any ships or items with you; they will remain in your previous location.

2. You can fly into Fade the long route (via Pure Blind).

1. Go to the next station with a Clone Bay when you are ready to accept your invite. You can locate it by using the Map. On the Map Go To: Color By (Gear in the upper left corner) → Services, then select Clone Bay.

2. Once you are safely docked, accept the invite and change your clone location to DO6H-Q - Dunk's Bee Hive (Keepstar) K7D-II - Broadcast4Reps (Fortizar) . The Clone Bay is accessed via the Station Services (the Icon that looks like the top half of a coffin). There click on "Change Station", then select the relevant option.

Alternatively you can just fly directly to nullsec. If you choose this option or have no choice due to remote clone cooldown, we cannot stress enough that you take a cheap shuttle, frigate or capsule to make the attempt as the route is often quite dangerous. Any ships or goods left behind can be shipped down later if you find yourself in need of them or dojo has many Handouts available to get you started.

Set your destination in the normal way; choose "Prefer safer" in the navigation options to avoid a long trip through null-sec. The nearest hi-sec station you can dock at is in Agil (not Torrinos anymore).

Fly there, dock up, set your death clone to that station (temporarily in case you get killed attempting to fly down), accept the corporation invite, start setting up our IT services, and complete your journey.

You will have to go through low and null sec on the way, so be careful. Try to avoid warping directly from gate to gate in nullsec. If you are on our Mumble comms, you can join the standing fleet (General > Armada > Pure Blind 1 in Mumble) and ask for intel or an escort if you are particularly nervous. (For the trip from Agil -> K7D-II, sure to enable ansiblexes and shortest route to ensure that you come along the most direct route through our space. It's recommended to use a shuttle to avoid hostile gate camps.

  • Decide what to bring with you. If you are a relatively new player, you can probably simply liquidate your assets (sell them for ISK or reprocess and sell the materials) and fly your pod down. Older players - we have a freight service for moving your stuff (but see Section 1 above).
  • Read our Null Sec Guide
  • Do not warp from gate to gate when you are in null; use bookmarks or warp to celestials to avoid bubbled gates.
  • Warp to corporation Bookmarks at range (when you right click on them, you can select ranges to warp to. Pick one that isn't 0)! Other alliances know them, so don't feed them easy kills.
  • When you accept the invite, you will receive a welcome message via evemail. Please read it carefully and follow all the instructions.

You can also watch this video about staying safe while traveling.

The best travel ships are empty basic shuttles with no implants.

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