The man himself!

Serving Brave since YC 117

I will reprocess whatever you wish; Ore, Ice, Modules, Equipment, Hulls, at the maximum rate skills and implants allow, then return to you the resulting products minus 2% of their net yield rounded up.

  • Available in Brave space at citadels with reprocessing facilities (usually with -R in their name)
  • I am most active from 23:00-05:00, and aim to clear contracts daily.
  • Excess ore, munitions, and non-reprocessable items are considered tips (thanks!)


2% of resulting materials, I pay the tax

Deployment/off-site fees may vary.

Skills / Rates

All reprocessing skills Level V, +4% Implant

  • Non-ore/ice, any location: 55%
  • T1 Rigged Athanor: 84.3%
  • T1 Rigged Tatara: 87.2%
  • T2 Rigged Athanor: 87.6%
  • T2 Rigged Tatara: 90.6%

Stations with the reprocessing module have -R in their name. Rigs are notated by a=asteroid ore, m=moon ore, i=ice.

Lower case is rigged T1 (~10% bonus,) upper case is rigged T2 (~12% bonus.)

Many athanors outside our hubs are rigged only for moons, and will be designated -Rm (T1) or -RM (T2)

Accepted Locations

All Brave-owned structures with reprocessing facilities.

High Security Space

Contract Raline Azbel and contact @alheamer on slack

  • Other locations; contact @alheamer on slack

Deployment Clone

  • N/A

Deployment contracts may be returned as a contract for a fee.

Name Position Contact
Al Heamer Owner, Sole Proprietor, Workhorse, Lackey Slack: @alheamer

Gas Decompression

Brave-owned structures with reprocessing facilities

  • Gas Decompression V
  • Any -R Athanor 89%
  • Any -R Tatara 95%
  • Pay what you want
  1. Contract (Item Exchange - Private - Al Heamer)
  2. That's it! That's the step! I'll deliver the materials back to you! (check your Deliveries hangar!)

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