The man himself!

Description and Eligibility

Serving Brave since YC 117

I will reprocess whatever you want; Ore, Ice, Modules, Equipment, Hulls, at the maximum rate skills and implants allow, then return to you the resulting products minus 2% of their net yield rounded up.

  • Available in Brave space at citadels with reprocessing facilities, for a non-exhaustive list, please check the forum post.
  • I am most active from 23:00-05:00, and aim to clear contracts daily.
  • Excess ore and non-reprocessable items are considered tips (thanks!)

Reprocessing Service Forum Link

Skills / Rates

All reprocessing skills are at Level V, +4% Reprocessing Implant is in my skull(s)

  • T1 Rigged Athanor: 84.3%
  • T2 Rigged Athanor: 87.6%
  • T1 Rigged Tatara: 86%
  • T2 Rigged Tatara: 89.4%

Please note that while Tataras will refine all things at the same rate, Athanors require separate rigs for Ore, Ice, and Moon Ore. Most structures outside our main hubs are rigged for only Moon Ore.


2% of resulting materials, I pay the tax

Accepted Locations

All Brave-owned structures with reprocessing facilities.

Popular Locations Include:

  • GE-8JV - BRAVE Reprocessing -R
  • 68FT-6 - Reprocessing -R
  • PZMA-E - Rented by Thursir B1 -R
  • V2-VC2 - P- Sigma Reprocessing Facililty
  • Check the forum post for a non-exhaustive list

Contact Information

Name Position Contact
Al Heamer Owner, Sole Proprietor, Workhorse, Lackey Slack: @alheamer


  1. Contract (Item Exchange - Private - Al Heamer)
  2. That's it! That's the step! I'll deliver the materials back to you!

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