You really like Atrons but sometimes wish they were bigger and had a bit more firepower? You came to the right place, because we from Rational Chaos Inc. can help with that!

In RCI. we love to play with our big toys, and with our capital build program, we want to enable everyone in the alliance to buy locally built and affordable capitals, so that you can have as much fun with them as we do.

Our primary focus is on building dreads, carriers, and faxes, but other ships that count as capitals like an Orca, Rorqual, Freighter or Jump Freighter can be ordered from us.

If you have any questions, want a cost/time estimate, or want to order a capital, write either one of the operators and/or join our slack channel #rcimade.


- All capital hulls from all races and factions

- T1 Dreadnaught refurbishment

- My First Faction Dread Program

  • get your first faction dread at a discount

- Supers/Titans

  • a down payment is required
  • be aware that there are additional rules set by the coalition

- Fittings (custom and doctrine)

  • for doctrine fits you MUST be in the capital/super group

- Bulk orders of Caps

  • please make sure to talk to one of our operators first

- Got ideas for capital-related shenanigans? DM us and we will work something out!

Delivery Locations

Imperium space

Special offers

My First Faction Dread

One of our mission goals in #rcimade is getting more people into dreads in order to make BRAVE a force to be reckoned with.

Faction Dreads are the current meta for dreads, so we launched the My First Faction Dread Program to help get more people into faction Dreads.

The first faction dread you order from us will be among the cheapest

Name Position Contact
Eistonen Kodan Sasen Lead Slack: @Eistonen Kodan Sasen

Slack Channel: #rcimade

  1. Send a Slack DM to one of the operators. The DM should include the ship you want, quantity and if you want a fit, which fit
  2. We will give you a price and a rough estimate of how long it will be until the delivery
  3. Wait
  4. Own a big Atron and join us in battle

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