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Hello! We are NOOKD and we provide reprocessing services to all members of the alliance. You just contract us your ore in one of the Brave reprocessing structures and we will contract you back minerals by the next day. We take a 2% cut on the minerals so you will get 98% of the reprocessed minerals in return.

NOOKD Reprocessing

Skills / Rates

All reprocessing skills Level V with a +4% reprocessing Implant

Non-ore/ice, any location: 55%

T1 Rigged Athanor: 84.3%

T1 Rigged Tatara: 87.2%

T2 Rigged Athanor: 87.6%

T2 Rigged Tatara: 90.6%


2% of resulting materials, I will pay the structure tax

Accepted Locations

All brave owned structures with reprocessing facilities. Below are the recommended locations for best reprocessing rates.

System Structure Name
H-4R6Z Enablement T2
UVHO-F Factorium T2
8-SNUD Daycare Centre T2
Name Position Contact
Minok Arakal Director, CEO of NOOKD Slack: Vantick Iscod
  1. Bring ore to Brave reprocessing structure
  2. Create contract to either of the above contacts (Item Exchange - Private - Minok Arakal or victoria reyas)
  3. Wait for ore to be contracted back to you at our earliest convenience (usually less than a day, work and life permitting!)

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