Spoopy Buyback

A Buyback Service for Spoopy Members and Alliance Daytrippers.

Spoopy Buyback Click Here

Qualifying Items


Copy your items into the website for specific pricing.

Standard Rate

85% Jita Buy 85% NPC Prices 100% SKINs Buy 94.4% Player Services

For most stuff…

Qualifying Locations

  1. Mu
  2. Amarr
  3. Jita
  4. Brave Keepstars

Name Position Contact
PiccoloNL President Slack: @PiccoloNL
Jolly Eginald Operator Slack: @Jolly
Firmware Web services Slack: @Firmware

Slack Channel: #spoopy-trade

Buyback now accepts EVERYTHING. And there is a significantly simplified appraisal method. Please compress ore, do NOT compress gas.

  1. Go to our comprehensive buyback tool^tm and paste a complete list of your items into the box.
  2. Make a contract to this corporation, "Spoopy Buyback", for the amount in the appraisal.
  3. Wait until the sweet isk flows!


  • Always use the buyback for your NPC Loot this is how we pay for Fuel, SRP and Loaners. If you rat a Haven, Flashpoint, or Incursion it automatically takes the tax from your tick. C5s, Abyssals, DED sites, event sites, LP, do not; Please sell these to the buyback so that the corp can continue to exist. Thank you.
  • All other items are optional. If you want to huff a bunch of gas and make ships to sell to your corp and alliance mates directly you are welcome to. If you do this you can also buy stuff other people sell us, if you can build with it and profit everybody wins!
  • Please Contract Ore, Minerals, Moon Goo and Polymers from Sigma Reactor!
  • All other items to Kappa Memorial

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