Of course, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make money — both for yourself and the alliance — is through ratting: killing NPC ships in asteroid belts or cosmic anomalies. As well as bringing in ISK, in null it also raises the ADM (Activity Defense Multiplier) of the system you’re in, making it much harder for enemies to capture our space (or “entosis our sov” in EVE lingo) … so make sure you spread the love around!

Newer players can acquire a free ratting ship from the Brave Dojo, along with tips for its use; then, when you’ve got to grips with the mechanics of dealing with dozens of rats at a time, you might graduate to even larger ships, as you take on ever increasingly challenging anomalies. Eventually you can graduate to running incursions, wormhole escalations, even perhaps carrier ratting if you’re extra-Brave.

For an in-depth guide to Ratting, please read An Introduction to Ratting.

While the Brave Dojo provides a Free Vexor for ratting in nullsec, High Sec rats are much weaker than those found in null, and you will be able to rat successfully in HS using a less powerful ship and fitting. You can also run highsec ded sites as described in This Guide.

The rats encountered in different security level systems vary in strength and numbers, with the most dangerous anomalies only available if you venture into nullsec. In highsec, ratting anomalies will only begin showing up in 0.7 security space and lower. It is advisable to hunt rats in areas appropriate to your current skill level and abilities.

You should also make use of out-of-game resources like Dotlan, whose maps show the volume of NPC kills - in this way you can identify the systems that are less trafficked and where you'll encounter less competition for kills.

As well as collecting the bounty on all the rats that you kill, you can also gather the salvage dropped inside every wreck. These modules and ammo leftovers can either be reprocessed to gather minerals, or sold to one of our local buyback services.

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