Requirements for Corporations within Brave Collective

This page gives detailed requirements for corporations to be part of Brave Collective which are in addition to the alliance's usual set of rules for individuals. Some of the rules apply to everyone in the alliance but it is up to the leadership of an individual corporation to enforce those rules as enforcement at alliance level would interfere on corporation leadership's duties and responsibilities. In other words, we respect that a corporation is responsible for it's members.

Although some of these rules may seem a bit over the top they are actually well thought out and in our experience help to maintain a healthy and vibrant corporation which in turn leads to a healthy alliance. Also, although your Corporation is it's own entity, the wider alliance sees it as integral to Brave Collective and it's conduct, membership of the alliance and indeed it's very existence are important to everyone in the alliance. By being a member of Brave Collective you get the benefit of an alliance of thousands of members, but in turn those people care about your Corporation and it's success or failure has an impact on us all.

Corporations must, on an ongoing basis:

  1. have at least 20 PEOPLE that have been active in game in the past 3 months.
  2. adhere to and ensure corporation members also adhere to Brave Collective Alliance Rules
  3. adhere to and ensure corporation members also adhere to Brave Collective's Structure Rules
  4. have a corporation tax rate of at least 10%
  5. pay, in a timely manner, all taxes due as part of Brave Collective Corporate Tax Rules
  6. accept the authority of Brave HR and the HR appeals process.
  7. ensure all active members have an account on and have valid ESI tokens on Brave Core
  8. have the core.tracking and finance ESI tokens provided by their CEO on Brave Core
  9. ensure that the Corporation CEO and 2IC, or a proxy for each have a presence in the #corp-alliance-leads channel on Brave's Slack
  10. ensure that the Corporation's Recruiters have access to the #alliance-recruiters channel on Brave's slack
  11. refrain from placing structures on moons in Brave's space unless that moon is rented from the alliance
  12. regularly clear out long term inactive players (we recommend sending them an Evemail saying they would be welcome back if they return to the game)
  13. use Brave's Joinus tool for corporate recruitment and perform an ESI check on prospective new members
  14. discourage large scale tax avoidance (selling direct via contract to avoid paying market taxes) within Brave space

There are wiki pages giving more details on sets of rules mentioned (and linked to) above. It is essential that you read and understand these additional sets of rules. These are NOT an exhastive set of all of the alliance's rules but they are a great starting point as they are as also about Brave's culture, outlook and understanding who we are.

Structure Rules

There are rules regarding the placing and operation of structures within Brave space which effect your corporation. Please ensure you read and are familiar with these rules before dropping any structures in Brave Space.

Alliance Rules

All members of Brave Collective, which includes corporations in the alliance and their members are expected to follow the alliance rules. We expect the leadership of member corporations to be familiar with these rules as it sets out the expected conduct of their members

Corporate Taxes

Brave Collective levies monthly taxes on some types of member corporation's income which make a small contribution to the alliances finances.

Brave Collective prefer wherever possible to talk through and amicably resolve issues with our member corporations. Our People Department are responsible for the management, monitoring of and ensuring the overall health of the corporations in Brave Collective. They can help with understanding the rules, the reason behind them and how to keep your corporation healthy and active. On the very rare occasion that issues are unable to be resolved or a corporation has become so inactive that it's unlikely to survive the People Department can recommend a corporation is removed from the alliance.

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