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Hauling Programs

This page details all the publicly and privately operated hauling services currently operated by members of Brave Collective in highsec and nullsec.

Hauling programs are services that move your items from one place to another using Courier Contracts. A Courier Contract is a special type of contract that binds the person who accepts it to either move the items provided to the destination or pay the issuer the collateral assigned to the Courier Contract. This means that as long as you properly collateralize your Courier Contracts (usually this is 110% of Jita Sell), you can use them to move your items safely.

Some services will move items exclusively in null-sec or high-sec, while others will service a mixture of the two. Because of the nature of null-sec space and the dangers that come with traveling across, many haulers will only use Jump Freighters in null-sec, which can jump across large distances safely, at the cost of fuel. The fuel consumption for these Jump Freighters is based upon the distance they travel and not the amount of cargo they carry, so many Jump Freighter pilots will only transport goods when they have a full load. Thus, many hauling services will only service select "hub systems" in null-sec that have lots of demand for imports and exports to ensure that they are maximizing the amount of cargo they are carrying. So you might have trouble finding someone to transport your goods to or from a non-hub system.

The rates when paying for the services of a jump freighter can vary greatly depending on the current cost of fuel and the availability of mid-point systems along their routes, so expect that prices may change.

Brave Little Toaster
5ZXX-K D2-HOS Q-5211 Jita
Brave's official Jump Freighter Service!

If you operate a program and would like to have it listed here, see How to make a service page and tell us in the #wiki-updates channel on Slack.

Sokarad Freight
Jita D2-HOS Q-5211
Variable Prices, Use Calculator
Sedex Jaeger® - Hauling Service
Jita Amarr Mendori Keberz Nullsec
Across New Eden - Get your quote!
Galactic Deep Space Operations
5ZXX-K Jita Perimeter
Between 5ZXX-K and Jita/Perimeter
Halls Services
Freighter, DST, BR Amamake
Up to 10B collat
Brave Empire Logistics
Q-5211 Uemisaisen Perimeter Nonni Jita
Between Jita, Lontrek Island and Null (BR-size contracts only)
Halls Services
Freighter, DST, BR Nikh, Rens, Janus
Up to 10B collat

These lists are rotated every month. Last rotation was October 7th, 2021 by Aernir Ridley.

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