Galactic Deep Space Operations provides reliable, safe hauling between Jita/Perimeter and 5ZXX. Our pilots have completed over 1200 contracts, carrying over 1.2 trillion isks worth of goods. We have a number of experienced jump freighter pilots and we aim to provide a complete service at an affordable price. We think we are offering one of the best value services for our fellow Brave capsuleers.

Prices can be found on our calculator. If you have any questions you can jump onto our discord and into the galactic-deep-space-operations channel.


No containers.
Volume limit 320,000 m3 per contract.

Standard Rate

650 ISK/m3 + 1% of collateral

Delivery Locations

5ZXX-K - Novum Fortes
Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
Perimeter - Tranquility Trading Tower

Name Position Contact
Kaltos Constantine Manager Slack: @Kaltos Constantine
  1. Input the details of your shipping order into the calculator and then follow the instructions on the page went setting up your courier contract :)

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