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Great! While EVE Online used to be a subscription-based game with seven days of evaluation time (extended to 30 days when invited by a friend), today it offers a free-to-play option: alpha clones can play for an unlimited amount of time, but are limited in available ships, weapons, etc. and can train to a maximum of five million skill points. Click here to create an alpha account

Welcome to EVE Online and congratulations on starting your career. Although EVE Online is famous for having a notoriously difficult learning curve, CCP Games have invested a tremendous amount of time and effort to improve the experience for new players.

During your first thirty days in Eve Online, you shall automatically join the in-game chat channel Rookie Help whenever you start the game. This channel, which is staffed with Gamemasters and ISD members, is where you can ask any questions you have about the game. You can also post your questions on the EVE New Citizens Q&A forum.

CCP Phantom put out this fantastic list of 8 Golden Rules (reposted by ISD Athechu on the new forum) you should know when playing Eve, to ensure you have the right mindset to get the best out of the experience. We highly recommend you read these before you get any further into the game.

CCP Games have created a comprehensive Eve Online New Pilot FAQ (also available in German and Japanese) that has answers to frequently asked questions by new EVE Online players. Although there are a few sections in the Eve Online New Pilot FAQ that are out of date, we still recommend that you go through it because for the most part the information it provides is still useful.

Also, you should get acquainted with the thought to read a lot about EVE Online, because sometimes even in the rookie help channel links are given as an answer - although the community is very helpful, you are expected to also look for information from your own drive.

Since the overview is what you use to view and organize items in space, it is absolutely essential that you set it up and learn how to use it as soon as possible. Almost all players prefer to install an overview pack that sets up their overview automatically instead of taking the time to configure each setting manually.

Our recommendation and how to install it

Inception (also known as New Player Experience or simply the tutorial) was released in 2016 to improve the experience for new players (as replacement for Opportunities). We recommend that you complete the tutorial since it will teach you some of EVE Online's basic game mechanics and fill your wallet with useful amounts of in-game currency. Afterwards, you can shift your focus to getting started with the career agents.

All four of the major factions have five career agents in each of their three starter systems that offer mission arcs which will introduce you to the major careers in Eve Online. To see a list of the career agents that are available to you, press F12 to open the Help menu and click on the Show Career Agents button.

You should run all the missions offered by each of the career agents because not only will you learn more about the different careers, you will also earn a reward whenever you successfully complete an accepted mission and get some new ships. The Alpha's Guide to the Galaxy can provide you some useful hints and general advices regarding EVE Online in your early stage.

The Sisters of Eve epic mission arc is a level one epic mission arc with fifty missions that are intended to be run by new players. What makes an epic mission arc unique is that you can choose between missions at various points in the arc. This means that there are multiple paths that you can take to complete the arc and that the missions and their rewards depend on the choices you have made. The Blood-Stained Stars walkthrough is an excellent resource that will help you in running the Sisters of Eve epic mission arc.

Eve Online alone is not as much fun as when you are playing it with a group of friends. This is why there is an opportunity encouraging new players to join a corporation after they have finished running the Sisters of Eve epic mission arc.

If you would like to join one of the corporations in our alliance, an excellent place for newbies to learn and gain experience while also offering fun for late-game players, then please check out these links:

There is so much depth to Eve Online that you will find you will still learn new things about the game even after playing daily for years. There are many resources available to you. The Brave Dojo maintains a wiki with helpful articles that cover a variety of subjects. There are also a ton of other resources out there, from Brave and from others such as Eve University's Wiki page (by far the most detailed resource out there), youtube videos and reddit posts.

If you are interested in joining Brave, we also offer regular classes and a 24/7 help chat to answer questions on any topic in the game.

Fly Bravely 7o

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