How To Carrier Rat Safely

1: Your cynoFit a cyno. Fit a cyno. By gawd, man, fit a cyno. If you can't fit a cyno, don't carrier rat.
2: Your liquid ozonePut enough liquid ozone in your carrier for at least two cyno cycles.
3: Your refitsSo you should have refits in your cargo with multiple mobile depot. These refits should be a full rack of warp core stabs and a tank fit and some smartbombs.
4: Look at localIf there are neutrals in local, undocking in you carrier to rat is not a good idea
5: See Step 2
6: UndockingHit those undock arrows
7: See Step 2if nuets are in local dock up
8: Align to the target anom
9: See Step 2if nuets are in local dock up
10: Warp to target anom
11: Align back to station or to a POS/CitadelDo not carrier rat with no Station/POS/Citadel in system or an out cyno. Use your prop mod to align faster.
12: Launch your fighters
13: Watch localIf neuts show up hit the warp button to your instadock or to the POS/Citadel
1: Assess what is attacking youThe most important thing is to stay calm.
a. If it's only one ship use your fighters to try and kill or haze it off, then warp off.Keep in mind you CANNOT refit with an aggression timer.
2: Ask on comms if anyone can help youPing the relevant region channel in Discord for support.
a. Make sure you are in the appropriate standing fleet.
b. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and ping it to Impass Discord pings channel. If you are carrier ratting in Impass and not in the Voltron Discord, fix that.
c. Once you get enough and appropriate friendly caps that are willing and ready to jump to you, light that cyno. IF YOU SEE MOBILE CYNO INHIBS GOING UP, LIGHT CYNO BEFORE THEY ONLINE
3: Figure out what happened.If you died it was because you did something bad and you should reassess what that was to make sure it does not happen again. What you should not do is talk shit about anyone who attempt to help you.

Ping Form:

@everyone Friendly [shipType] tackled in [system]
Enemy Ships (rough idea): 
Join Fleet: 
Comms Server/Channel: 
Cyno Under: 
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