How to Apply to Brave

This page describes the process to join Brave Newbies Inc., Brave's main corporation. Other corporations in the alliance have a different process. To learn more about the other corporations in the Brave Collective visit this page.

If you haven't created an EVE Online account yet, you can create a free Alpha Account here.

The only requirements for joining Brave Newbies Inc. are owning a computer and having a pulse (and following the application process, of course). You don't have to have 5bil SP or 1tril ISK in your wallet, if you want to have fun in the game and can follow our principle of "stay classy", you are welcome to join!

Both Alpha (free-to-play) and Omega (monthly subscription) accounts are welcome to join Brave.

1. Go to the recruitment page at

2. Click on the Log In button and Login with your MAIN.

3. On the homepage, for ALL of your alts, click "Add Alt Character" and login with your alt(s).

  • If your alt is on a different account, click "Cancel" and login with your other account.

4. Go to and click "Apply".

5. Wait to be accepted.

Once you have been accepted we will send you an in-game invite to join.

Check Your Status

You can check you status on the website. If you see "Completed", your application has been completed. Check in-game for a mail from a recruiter, or an invite!

When You Are Accepted

You can check in-game, in your corporation tab, if you got any invitation for Brave Newbies Inc.:

You will also get a notification:

NOTE: You should only ever have one recruitment website account.

1. Login to the recruitment website with your main.

2. Click "Add Alt Character" and add all of your alts. (If your alt is on a different account, click "Cancel" and login with your other account.)

2a. Don't forget to ensure all your alts are added to your Core Services Account!

3. Click "Apply" on You only need to do this if you have never applied to Brave Newbies on the recruitment website previously.

4. Apply in-game from your alt, indicating who your main is and that you've applied online.

Read the welcome mail. Seriously, read it. Yes, all of it.

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